Classic Video: Why I Need a Sling Pack

Wednesdays are Tightline Productions days around here because that’s when we put up the new tying video. For some reason, today I was reminded of Tim Flagler’s hilarious entry in an online contest from a few years ago, so I thought I would share it again. It might give you a new perspective on the man and the voice behind these amazing tying videos.

Back in 2012, a blogger ran a contest in which entrants had to make a short video about why they needed an Orvis Sling Pack. The winner would receive said Sling Pack as a prize. Tim got his entry in late, but it was a doozy. As regular blog readers know, we don’t often feature Orvis products on this blog, but we couldn’t resist posting this.

Note: before writing an angry email, please watch the video all the way to the end. Thank you in advance.

5 thoughts on “Classic Video: Why I Need a Sling Pack”

  1. great post thanks. those tying videos were a big game changer for me. nice to put a face to the fingers.

  2. Great vid,

    I’ve learned to tie flyes thanks to you. Thank you. I’m replicating them if you keep them coming. You’ve helped me tremendously. Thanks again

  3. Thanks Mr.Tim Flagler. I have enjoyed your videos now for over 4 years. You sir taught me to tie flys the right way. I’m enjoying tremendous success on my favorite streams and rivers here in Virginia. I’m also now a Saltwater Fanatic because of your Deceiver and Clouser videos. Would certainly like to fish with you one day. But I know that’s probably not possible. Thanks again for being my teacher and instructor.
    Danny Jett
    Danny Jett
    P.S. I now own a Dyna-King Ultimate Indexer and have had over 2 years. Best I have ever owned.

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