Video: CO2LD WATERS, Official Trailer

Here’s a thought-provoking trailer for a new video called CO2LD WATERS, from Conservation Hawks. It was shot on O’Dell Creek near Ennis, Montana and features several big-hitters in the fly-fishing world—including Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard, Vice President of Orvis Rod & Tackle Steve Hemkens, renowned fly-shop owner Craig Mathews, and photographer Tim Romano—discussing the challenges posed by climate change. There’s a lot of straight talk here, and perhaps the most chilling moment is when Romano paraphrases Norman Maclean:

Poets talk about “spots of time,” but it is really fishermen who experience eternity compressed into a moment. No one can tell what a spot of time is until suddenly the whole world is a fish and the fish is gone.

The full-length version of CO2LD WATERS will be part of the 2015 Fly Fishing Film Tour.

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  1. The salinity of the ocean in areas will change since Ice melt is primarily fresh water.This will effect the weight of the fish mostly along with its habitat.Trout love cold water so for a short period of time say 10 to 15 years ice melt glaciers will lower water temps in their regions.

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