Late Night “Crazy” Reese Ferguison Film Festival

In honor of the passing of Reese Ferguison last night, here are all the Hank Patterson videos that he appeared in, as well as “Be Well! Fish On!” A Reel Recovery Experience, about Reese’s participation in a fly-fishing retreat for men with cancer. As you’ll see, in the funny videos, Reese was a minimalist, using a subtle glace or a shrug to get a laugh, but when he talks about the Reel recovery experience, he is plenty eloquent.

So sit back and enjoy both the laughs and the heartfelt emotions on display below.

Click here to read more about Reese’s passing.

3 thoughts on “Late Night “Crazy” Reese Ferguison Film Festival”

  1. Reese! You da man! Hoping that I can be half the inspiration that you were! Loved ALL the videos with “Hank”!

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