It’s Day One of Our 2016 “20 Days in September” Contest!

Last year’s photo-contest finalists set the bar pretty high.

Okay, folks. It’s go time for our annual “20 Days in September” Contest, so start thinking about how you can sneak in some casts before work, after work, or at lunchtime. Here’s how the contest works:

1. Make an honest attempt to get on the water 20 times during September. Of course, these don’t have to be full or even half days of angling. Steal time when you can. Just 10 casts are enough to count on any given day.

2. Take pictures of your fish, the water, your fellow anglers, the flies you’re using, or anything else.

3. Post your photos to the Orvis Facebook page with the hashtags #orvisflyfishing and #20sepdays.

On October 1, we will choose the 10 best photos from the month and then let you vote on the winners. And just by voting, you’ll be eligible for a prize!

Here’s the “Creepiest Photo” award winner from last year’s contest. Can anyone top it?
Photo by Paul Panus

The prizes up for grabs are worth the effort:

First Place: A Recon Fly Rod of your choice.

Second Place: A Hydros SL fly reel of your choice.

Third Place: A Safe Passage Chip Pack.

We’ll also give a Safe Passage Sling Pack to one randomly selected voter at the end of the contest.

Everyone who posts photos with the hashtags is eligible to win; you don’t have to complete all 20 days. Of course, it’s cooler if you do. Click here for the full contest rules..

Click here for your own calendar to track your process.

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