Diddy’s Retro Hat Now Available!

Trout? What trout? Check out that lid!
Photo by Jim Logan

Last month, when we featured the above photo of Orvis rod designer Shawn “Diddy” Combs with a fine brown trout to illustrate a how-to article, several people were more impressed with the cool retro hat Shawn was wearing. Reader Peter Fabian commented, “Great read, but you had me with Diddy’s hat! Where can I get one of those beauties???” Unfortunately, Shawn’s hat was custom made, so no one else could get one.

Well, now you can. We’re releasing two retro caps, and the first one to be available is Diddy’s creation.

To check it out, click here and then select the “dark brown” color option. The other hat shown will be available early next month.

2 thoughts on “Diddy’s Retro Hat Now Available!”

  1. Just ordered my hat, thanks for making this available! I’ll be styling on the river for sure!

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