Do You Know Someone Who Deserves the Orvis Breaking Barriers Award?

At last year’s Orvis Guide Rendezvous in Missoula, Montana, we announced the launch of a new program designed to recognize anglers who have “gone above and beyond to bring new blood into the sport, to break down the barriers of introduction.” Fly fishing is a wonderful, enriching sport, but it should come as no surprise to discover that many folks find it difficult to get started. There are myriad barriers—cost, gender, race, disability, age, and on and on—that can keep someone from becoming a fly fisher. This award will be given annually to a person who helps other overcome, or even break down, those barriers.

So keep an eye out for people who are engaging new audiences and feeding the sport. Encourage them, help them, and nominate them. Let us know what awesome work is being done to help foster growth in our industry. Kids, women, new audiences—that’s what is going to propel the sport forward into the coming years.

Does this remind you of anyone you know?

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4 thoughts on “Do You Know Someone Who Deserves the Orvis Breaking Barriers Award?”

  1. I’d like to nominate Dave Stanley the former owner of the Reno Fly Shop from Reno, NV. Not only are Dave’s son and daughter quite accomplished anglers and sportsmen, but there’s a whole generation in Reno and even in the west that grew up under Dave’s tutelage in the old fly shop. Many of those kids are now fly fishing professionals scattered throughout the industry. During the last economic crunch the days of the old Reno Fly Shop came to a close. Luckily one of his old students, now a successful businessman gathered some other investors to purchase the business name and reincarnate the store in a new location.

    I also work with Dave Stanley every summer in the “Sierra Kids Camp” north of Truckee. Dave is also involved in multiple kids programs in Nevada through Nevada Department of Wildlife and other groups. He’s got more people excited about the sport of fly fishing then anyone I know, with his honest, humorous, engaging personality. He’s a humble man, but is deserving of recognition.

  2. I would like to nominate KiKi Galvin for this recognition. I have known her for over 20 years and during that span of time she has used her passion and love of fly fishing to connect with a mariad of organizations and individuals within her community. She has been a member of TU since the early 2000s presently serves as the Vice President of the Northern Virginia Chapter. Outreach with her chapter includes: Boy Scout Merit Badge instructor, instructor for the beginner and women fly casting classes at the annual NCC-TU fly fishing shows, instructor for the Virginia Heritage Fishing Day, speaker and presenter for many of the TU chapters in the Metro D.C. area. In keeping with the TU National Women’s Initiative has participated in the Women’s forum sponsored by the Fly Fishing Show. She is a member of the Chesapeake Women Anglers and served as their President for 4 years guiding and teaching many of the women in that club. She authors the Fitness For Fly Fishing page for their website. She is a member of the International Women Fly Fishers and monitored their Topica Talk site for 4 years. She was the Fly Casting Instructor for Riverbend Park in Fairfax County for 5 years and was able to bring the sport of fly fishing to many individuals including young adults and many beginners. She was on the L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery School staff and taught all the skills necessary to become stream independent for 4 years as well. Understanding the therapeutic benefits of fly casting she has been a volunteer for Casting For Recovery since 2001. Activities include: Lead Casting Instructor, retreat coordinator, River Helper for retreats in the Mid-Atlantic Region. She served as the Tournament Director for the CFR 2FLY4HOPE event for 5 years all funds raised enabled countless women recovering from breast cancer to attend a life changing retreat. In 2007 KiKi became involved in Project Healing Waters and since then has been a volunteer activities include : traveling to Walter Reed Medical Center to work weekly with our brave men and women vets using once again the beneficial and therapeutic fly fishing and fly tying skills to help them deal and heal from their injuries seen and unseen. She has been a guide for the Annual PHW 2 Fly for the past 7 years and participates in countless events in the National Capital area. In 2012 she excepted a position on the PHW board of Trustees. She has been a Fly Fishing Guided since 2002 and is on Pro Staff for Temple Fork Outfitters. She is the owner of MOVE personal training services and Ms. Guided Fly Fishing services. In her spare time she loves to fish for her native brook trout in the mountain streams of Shenandoah National Park.

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