Enter to Win a Complete Fly-Fishing Package in Our Second Annual Tax Day Giveaway!

Traditionally, April 15th is Tax Day in the U.S., but the deadline was extended to Monday this year. (Tuesday, if you’re from Massachusetts or Maine.)

To celebrate not having to render unto Caesar on this Friday, we’ve decided to give away a complete fly-fishing package to one lucky winner. So even if you do have to cut a huge check to Uncle Sam next week, you can look forward to possibly winning these great fly-fishing tools:

Just add water and some flies, and you are ready to roll!

All you have to do to enter is sign up for our email list using the widget below. (Use the widget to enter even if you already get our emails.) The tell us in the comment section where you would use your new gear first!

The contest runs through Friday, April 29th, and one winner will be chosen at random.

The contest is now closed.

Click here for the full contest rules. The sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the USA who are 18 or older. (We apologize to our readers in Canada and overseas; please trust us when we say that there are complex legal issues involved.)

898 thoughts on “Enter to Win a Complete Fly-Fishing Package in Our Second Annual Tax Day Giveaway!”

      1. After 15 years of fly fishing, my wife will be flying in for the first time to share the experience of trout fishing in West Yellowstone, Montana. It will be either be the best decision of my life, or the worst. I would use to the gear to get her properly outfitted.

        1. I would keep a few pieces and use them tri-state but “share the wealth” with friends who want to learn to fly fish.

    1. about to start an extended work assignment in Northern California… maiden voyage for this gear would be a weekend exploration of the Sierras (hopefully, first of many)

    2. Northern Michigan around the AuSable corridor, or perhaps on this summer’s Wyoming, Montana, Idaho trip.


    3. Would love to break all this awesome gear in in Western North Carolina, in the beautiful southern Appalachians.

    4. This is a really nice prize package. Someone will get some great products to help catch some fish.

    5. Wow. What a dream for me. I’ve been using a rod I found with an older Orvis reel. What a sweat giveaway for some lucky person.

    6. I would use it all over the PNW catching trout in all the streams and then take it guiding in bristol bay this alaska and let my clients catch some giant char and bows

    1. Catch a cooler full of suckers in Oconto, WI, and then a cooler full of white bass in Fremont, WI. Put this rod thru the paces, we’ll see if it’ll hold up.

  1. I’d use the new gear as soon as it shipped at my nearest stream. No point in waiting for a special date/time/location.

  2. This equipment would be awesome to use to teach my friends the sport of fly fishing and take them with me on fishing trips.

  3. If I win, I’ll take a bunch of friends floating down the Henry’s Fork of the Snake, supply all the beer and BBQ they could want and throw the rest of my tax return towards a TU lifetime membership!

  4. Im transferring from my school in southern California to a school central Maine in june, and I would use this gear to target landlocked salmon and wild brookies!! As well as golden trout and rainbows, in the eastern sierra on my two week journey back east.

  5. I would use the gear on a trip to Colorado this July, and could definitely use better waders that don’t leak. Blue River, cheesman canyon and maybe the Taylor. I encourage people to sign up for this contest as I’ve had experience with the Orvis recon and it’s an excellent rod.

  6. I would use it rightaway, even if the weather forces me inside!
    The goldfish would be a Nice target in its bowl 😉
    But seriously, FenceCreek will be the place to be (Hekslootpolder in Dutch 🙂 )

  7. I would use it to provide my clients with extra gear should they forget or just want to try something different!

  8. My husband would use this in Lincoln NH. My husband and his brothers family motorcycle group ride up north to different spots with the main focus of fishing at each spot 🙂 This would be great!

  9. I would use it around Shenandoah National Park. Anything I could not use, I would donate to Casting for Recovery and Project Healing Waters.

  10. If (when) I win, I will break the new equipment with a trip to Vermont. Be ready for my stop at flagship store to get recommendations first.

  11. I would use this in North Carolina! We are on the coast but I’m hoping to take the hubby on a Mtn trip soon. This way I won’t have to share with him! This could very well save our marriage 😉 Needless to say the 5wt would see a lot of action.

  12. Hi would use this new fly fishing gear here in Alberta, my new home. Since I moved away from France two years ago, I’ve been exploring a little bit the rivers around but this year is going to be the year of real exploration!

    I’ve been a real fan of Orvis Fly fishing rods and gear from quiet some time now, I have no doubt that this gear will take me all the way up to the next level of fly fishing!!!

    Thank you for putting this contest online.


  13. Would be using in Western NC (Davidson River) as well as our 2016 Montana trip. Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. I’d warm things up in south central PA before putting it through its paces on my trip to UT, WY, & MT this summer hopefully getting my cuttslam certificates for WY and UT.

  15. I would love to break in this new gear on my annual spring fishing weekend on the South Branch Root River in the beautiful Driftless Area of SE Minnesota.

  16. As a youth pastor who works with high schoolers, I would love to have an extra set-up to take kids fly-fishing with me and get them to fall in love with the great outdoors more than Netflix and Facebook. It’s not so much where I would use the gear, but with who; we would use the set-up in the Holy Waters of Northern Michigan on the Au Sable River!

  17. I would use it on either the upper Manistee or Ausable on opening day it arrives before! After that the possibilities are endless up here in MI.

  18. I would use it on a June trip to the Bitteroot valley, in Montana, following Salmonflies up the west fork.

  19. I would use the gear in North Georgia while searching for those palomino trout I keep seeing photos of!

  20. I would start by hitting up the Cohocton and Genesee Rivers here in WNY, then Eastern Tennessee here I come.

  21. I would schedule some prime time with Ellensburg Angler on the Yakima River in Central Washington State!

  22. I would use it in New England, mostly Maine, New Hapshire, and Vermont. But, I would also take it with me to Texas and my old home waters in the Hill Country.

  23. Probably use it to help outfit the love of my life. so then we could fish together here in wonderful ohio!

  24. Provo River, Utah. Great place for browns and bows. Maybe a cuttyrainbrown if I am lucky. It would also help in getting the newly announced Utah Cutthroat slam.

  25. I would use it going after Browns on the Chauga in South Carolina and Brookies on the Paint Creek in Tennessee!

  26. I would use the equipment to replace some older models and to prove a point to my fishing buddies about mid level quality.

  27. I would outfit my daughter and take her into the Wyoming Range for some wild cutthroat action. Get her hooked on the “Tug”.

  28. I would take this brand new package with me to Colorado in July as I have a fly fishing trip planned with a good friend of mine. This will be our 3rd consecutive 4th of Ju-Fly camping/fishing trip (first time in CO as he moved there earlier this year) and we plan on fishing from Boulder down to CO Springs and back towards Denver before I depart back home (July 1-6, water TBD). Cannot wait and this package would make it that much better!!

  29. I’d use it chasing some snook, and anything else I can find, in the canals of Siesta Key this summer.

  30. Would use this everywhere from catching pan fish, bass, and striper in the river to catching trout in the lakes and streams.

  31. I would use this gear to road trip the northwest, with my father, in search of hungry trout! We share the same passion and it would be incredible to put him on a new room.

  32. I would use the gear to explore my new home in SE Alaska, catching dollys, salmon and maybe even some steelhead!

  33. Having just had back surgery on a ruptured disc this would be awesome to use in 6 weeks when I am released to activities and I would head right to the tailwaters of South Holston River in Tennessee!

  34. My cousin and I are planning a trip to Armstrong Spring Creek in Montana in Paradise Valley next spring. This would be perfect

  35. I would take the new outfit fishing for trout, bass, and pike on the Pike river in Northern Wisconsin. Also, my birthday is on tax day!

  36. I’ve been dying to have a whole weekend on the Tuckasegee here in NC this would be perfect for that

  37. I would love to take my new gear on trip to the Rio Grande river both the C.O. side and the N.M. side Doesn’t that sound awesome!!!

  38. I’ll be the first (and probably the only) one to say it, but I would look pretty dapper out on the Farmington River and Salmon River in that new kit!

  39. I would use the gear to get back into fly fishing. I’ve recently had a couple surgeries done and I’m finally getting the strength back to do what I loved to do Fly Fish.

    Travis Taylor
    Franklin Pa

  40. I would use it in the local ponds and strip pits that I drive by on my way too and from work.

  41. Sorry, too many typos in the last comment. It was supposed to read: I would use it to go after big Browns on Penns Creek here in PA.

  42. Living in the desert makes it challenging but I would use it wherever there is water that contains fish… And whenever I am able to get away.

  43. I’d use it on the Beaverkill, Catskill mountain lakes, the Gulf Coast marsh, and/or first fishy water I came to!

  44. I would use the rod as a “Teaching/Friend” rod. I have recently moved and I’m the only fly fisherman in the area. I’ve turned a bunch of people onto fly fishing by letting them barrow my Clearwater and Access rods as I guide them through casting and catching fish. I guess I’m a free fly fishing guide/instructor. I think I’ve personally sold 4 or 5 encounter outfits. But I’d use a lot of this stuff to take others fishing and expand the sport.

    The dry release hoodie is mine though. Size XL thanks

  45. So Im supposed to move to California this winter with my girlfriend,where she now lives, but she is going to come and stay with me this summer so I don’t miss the dry fly season here in Montana. This gear would be amazing to get her hooked on fly fishing, which I had already hoped to do, and possibly convince her to stay in Montana with me instead of us heading to California. Fly fishing has been a huge part of my life growing up here in Montana and it’s hard to leave what people around the world come here for, and I’m hoping with the help of your gear, and some of Montana’s magic, my girlfriend can learn to love fishing as much as I do.

  46. I’d use it in some NoTellUm creeks in eastern Idaho, along with some of their more popular counterparts.

  47. I would use it on Lehigh river and little schuylkill river in Pennsylvania. Love ORVIS rods and reels and all other gear. Keep up the good work.

  48. I would use this gear to promote the orvis mission on the Delaware — catching browns and protecting our watershed!

  49. I would donate the rod to one of the veterans of the local Project Healing Waters group. I already own a five weight, but I do need some new waders.

  50. I would use the gear while volunteering at an upcoming Reel Recovery retreat on the Lower Mountain Fork, OK.

  51. I’d go back down to the South Branch of the Potomoc River at Seneca Rocks in WV, and fish gray weighted nymphs for big trout like I did with my best friend Cecil Jarvis so many years ago.He’s gone now, but the memory of him is not.

  52. I would give my existing gear to my granddaughter to teach her and I would selfishly use the new.

  53. Oconee River in Georgia for sure. The local blue line produces great sunfish big enough to put a bend in any 5-weight.

  54. I’m planning my first trip to Yellowstone National Park this summer and would love to have this gear packed in my truck for this once in a lifetime adventure….Orvis, you’re awesome!

  55. Since I have enough gear for about 6 fly fishers, I will present this package to a dear friend of mine who has yet to experience fly fishing first-hand.

  56. Sucker, Knife and Lester Duluth, MN. Gear would go to my oldest son so he can begin enjoying this amazing sport.

  57. First place to use this new gear would have to be somewhere that it would be possible to catch a new species for the fly rod check list.

  58. Wherever fish live, I’ll hunt them down with this gear, bring them to hand, and play them Rosenbauer’s pod casts.

  59. I got a summer job working at glacier national park. I would us this setup constantly there when I’m not working! Would be sick.

  60. I’ve been trying to get down to West Virginia to explore some of their creeks — would probably make that a reality.

  61. Probably I would use all this on our CT rivers, the Farmington and the Housatonic, and enjoy every minute of it!

  62. First place I’d take this is hiking up to sycamore creek (Tellico river tributary) and See if I could find a few native southern strain book trout.

  63. I would us it on a trip to Yellowstone National Park. I have a trip planned for next year. I love the park and I’m dreaming of fishing it every day.

  64. I would show the boys what a girl can do this summer in the backcountry of Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska! YEEEEEEEHAAWWWWWWWW 🙂


  66. I would definitely take my wife on that big Western trip we’ve been planning! Never a better time than with a bunch of great new gear.

  67. I would gift this to my husband for Father’s Day. He loves to go Fly Fishing and it’s been a while! East TN Would be a beautiful place to go!

  68. Although it may not sound as exciting as some places mentioned here so far, the streams and rivers of my hometown In the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania offer plenty of excitement for the amateur fly fisherman I’m trying to become! Hopefully the right gear and some practice will take me to some world class destinations that so many have casted lines upon before me. Fish On!

  69. The Flathead river in the Bob, Rock Creek, the Boulder River…I could go on, but all places I’ve dreamed of fishing ever since I started fly fishing 10 years ago.

  70. I would put all the equipment together and put them on to sleep in the first night, after waking early I would be in the drift less area of Wisconsin to fish until I could no longer lift my arm to cast. After only one year into my desired lifetime of fly fishing, I have caught the bug. I tie at least 2-3 hours a day and am looking forward to the rivers and streams waking up with my feet in them. Life is good and after spending 12 years on a Submarine I truly know that being in the wild fishing is what he lords wants for me. God bless everyone and may your fishing be as productive as it is fun. Thank you!!!!

  71. I would use this hiking and camping with my family and friends all over the sierra mountains and the Truckee river. Good quality equipment that you can beat from any other sporting goods store.

  72. I would use this hiking and camping with my family and friends all over the sierra mountains and the Truckee river. Good quality equipment that you cant beat from any other sporting goods store.

  73. I would use it, first to surprise my hubby and then plan a trip to the Roosevelt river a couple of hours away from my home. He is always begging to go! 🙂

  74. thats tough… we just moved to AZ and still looking fr the closest good spots, may have to go visit the family in Utah haha

  75. I will be using all this great new gear to go fly fishing on the beautiful White River in Arkansas! The brown trout are incredible there and the hospitality unprecedented.

  76. Moving to the NH/VT border from coastal Maine, I’d use my new gear all over New England (and elsewhere should the chance arise)

  77. I would use this new equipment with my Son, on the Green River in UT, Then go to the Fry in CO.

  78. I would use the new equipment to fish the Gunpodwer River near my home then out to South Fork this summer.

  79. I would use this gear at lake wilson in Oahu hawaii. I would also use it this summer in Ohio for a fishing trip while I’m home for my brothers wedding.

  80. This looks amazing!

    I am just getting into fly fishing, and a setup like this would be amazing!

    I would definitely use it to explore CO and WY…

  81. I’d be able to use this equipment so I would be able to introduce my girlfriend to fly fishing with my encounter outfit that I have. we would both be able to get out and enjoy the love of being on the stream in south eastern PA

  82. Would love to upgrade my Orvis Encounter rod 🙂 – First place I would use the new gear on the Provo River.

  83. I use to fly fish when i was a little younger, I haven’t been able to afford it for awhile, but it sure would be nice to do it again.

  84. I would use this outfit on all of my favorite waters in NW PA and possibly some time on Moose River in the Adirondacks!

  85. Heading to the White River and Crooked Creek at the end of May. Sure could put this gear to good use! Plus my current waders are in their death throws.

  86. I’d head to Shenandoah National Park to hunt for small brookies (not sure I’d need the waders for that trip).

  87. I’m entering to win for my father-in-law who takes my son fly fishing with him to create great memories. He said he would go in Blue Mesa Reservoir (we live in Colorado, the best state for fly fishing he says!)

  88. I would use mine at our state park when we go camping, just love to find a place that is great to fish at these parks!

  89. I would use this new gear for the many seasonal trips along the Great Lake tributaries and streams we have here in beautiful (Buffalo) Western New York!

  90. I would use my new gear to target SRC on the Washougal River in Clark and Skamania counties in Washington State!

  91. I’d use the gear to take a buddy out on a Central Valley tailwater here in California. The location is not glamorous, but it’s productive.

  92. I fish Ohio, PA, Michigan, and New York mostly. I live in Ohio so it would be on one of our streams here first most likely, then PA.

  93. I would give all this great gear to my amazing husband as a gift. He is an avid fisherman. He would probably use it first in Colorado lakes or in Missouri fishing with his Dad.

  94. I have 3 boys, would be great to outfit one of them and get him to go fishing with me! Too much electronics for the new generations these days, they need to get outdoors!

  95. Just started fly fishing and caught my first fist the other day. It was only a little bluegill but it got me hooked. I’d use this gear to help me build on my skills

  96. I would give all of these items to my young adult son who just started fly fishing but has no gear yet. I would take him on the lower Sacramento River nymhmg a few times before we tried some dry flies on the upper Sacramento River.

  97. Au Sable river in Michigan. Probably my first stop would be the “Holy Waters” and then a trip to the North Branch of the same river.

  98. My neighbors son would have some very cool new stuff instead of my old hand-me-downs
    and you would have another lifetime Orvis fan.
    … oh yeah, We chase rainbows on the Delaware.

  99. I would use this great gear to fly fish with my Daughter-in-law, Bri in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. We both love to fish and are just starting fly fishing.

  100. Would use the gear to Outfit my Girlfriend so she could take up fly-fishing and spend more time together while on Vacation or free time.

  101. I’m wrapping up my 20th year of service in the USAF and retiring this summer after I return from a 6 month deployment that I’m currently on. My family and I will be returning back to my home state of Wisconsin. If I were to win I would be taking the outfit on the same waters where I learned to fly fish nearly 30 years ago, the Kinnickinnic river with the oldest of my three sons. He is just turning 5 and loves fishing with his dad. Nothing would make me more proud than to teach him the beauty of fly fishing on the same river I developed my passion for being on the river slinging flies.

  102. In all likelihood the FIRST use would likely be at the closest pond to my house, but longer trips to better Idaho waters would follow shortly.

  103. I would use the gear on the Arkansas river first, then many trips around Colorado to other rivers/streams.

  104. I would use this to fish the North Georgia Mountains and the Blowing Rock North Carolina Area. It’s the most peaceful place I have ever been and it would be a dream come true to use this gear there!

  105. I’d use this gear hitting up the driftless area. Best (only) trout action around (my area)! Maybe a little pond panfish action as well.

  106. I’d definitely use it on the Arkansas River. It’s been too many years since I’ve been physically able to go there and I miss the river and the good people of Salida, CO.

  107. I’m moving to Colorado from Texas and cannot wait to get back into the sport. This would be a nice start to the new adventure!

  108. Caney fork here in Tennessee. Can’t wait to take my son out on the river and begin teaching him how to fish. He’s 8 months old, and we already play with the Orvis practice caster. He loves it.

  109. I would use this stuff in several places. I’d use it at the White River we’re me & my friends go every year. Little Piney Creek, & the pond next to my house. I’ve never fly fished before & recently grew a huge passion to want to learn how to fish this way.

  110. I use my gear to get in the river and go find spinners that the assholes I go fishing with had lost.

  111. I would give my gear to my son who works full time and takes college courses. He deserves a relaxing vacation and fishing is very relaxing

  112. I would use this nice fishing package to the Diamond Lake in the beautiful state of Oregon where i live and fish me some nice Rainbow Trout ! Im a girl and yes i fish and love it ! It’s my way of relaxing and eating healthy !

  113. I think a road trip to Northern Quebec would be in order! So much untouched water to thrash such a great new outfit on.

  114. Not sure where it would get used because I’d give it all to a friend who wants to learn to fly fish. He could decide where to use it.

  115. Across Minnesota! Whether chasing spring hatches in the driftless region, targeting feisty bluegills in the lakes around Minneapolis, or summer small mouth on the St. Croix. This Orvis gear package would see lots of use from me.

  116. I would use it to chase some monster Browns on the Little Red and White Rivers in Arkansas. Which would be great cause I just got a hole in my waders and needing a new pair!

  117. I would use it all over my local town. I’ve heard of great opportunities for trout, bass and carp (carp on the fly is a goal I have this year).

  118. I have a little lake by my house that I kayak fish on. Caught my first trout there yesterday on spinning gear so now I’m eager to go all in with fly gear.

  119. I would use it to supply my son with his own complete outfit so we can go fishing together – even more!

  120. I’d use it to outfit my little from Big Brothers Big Sisters and take them to the Duck River in Tennessee to catch his first trout.

  121. I would use this great package of Orvis gear on the Bitterroot River in Montana to catch and release some big Cutties and Browns!

  122. This is the ultimate set-up! I would take all this to some high alpine lakes in Southern Utah in search of brookies and grayling. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  123. First I would use it on the Baptism and Temperance Rivers on Superior National Forest in MN, then the Brunsweiler and Marengo Rivers on Chequamegon National Forest in WI, and finish up the summer with a trip back to the western Adirondacks in my home state of New York and the North Branch of the Moose River near Old Forge, where I learned to fish 51 summers ago. I have been drooling over the Recon rod since it came on the market!

  124. I have a trout lake 10 minutes from my house that I cannot wait to start fly fishing on. I don’t fly fish now but I really, really want to start.

  125. I would use it at Cherokee, NC. After finally being released to Fly Fish after 8 months of shoulder issues, this would be so exciting to be able to use!

  126. I think of all the places I would take this fishing outfit and all the uses for it. But then I think that this fishing outfit would serve as a good. It could be donated to a organization like casting 4 a cure or C.A.S.T. for a kid foundation. I think that it would be put to good use that way. Learning and knowledge can be a power tool so what better way than with a premium outfit from orvis.

  127. I would use it for some trailblazing wild trout fishing along the Lost Creek Cove in NC mountains.

  128. I would use this gear to give to friends and others who love to fish but don’t have the means to get new gear.

  129. I would use this gear to give to friends and others who love to fish but don’t have the means to buy gear.

  130. I’d hit the Red for trout. But we have small mouth and pan fish everywhere here that this would be great for.

  131. Been looking to get back outdoors for quite some time. This giveaway would be the perfect way to break my excuses and get me back outdoors.

    This gear would be used primarily two places… the gorgeous PNW were I’m moving to and back home in Missouri out with some relatives.