Enter to Win a Helios 2 Fly Rod in Our Latest Giveaway!

Midwinter can be a tough stretch for fly fishermen, so it seems like a good time to give away a made-in-the-USA Helios 2 fly rod for one lucky angler to use on vacation to warmer climes or during a frigid day on the water near home.

All you have to do to enter the contest is use the tan widget below to enter your email address. Then tell us in the comments section where you’d plan to fish with your new rod. Do you want to chase native trout in the high country with an 8-foot, 4-inch 3-weight, ply the briny deep for stripers with a 9-foot 9-weight, or chuck big bass bugs with a 9-foot 7-weight?


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Click here for the full contest rules. The sweepstakes ends at 11:59 p.m. on February 12, 2016 and is open only to legal residents of the USA who are 18 or older. (We apologize to our readers in Canada and overseas; please trust us when we say that there are complex legal issues involved.)

1,402 thoughts on “Enter to Win a Helios 2 Fly Rod in Our Latest Giveaway!”

    1. I’d love to take the 8’4″ 3 wt with me on my treks to michigans UP to fish the rivers made famous by Hemingway himself

    2. I’d love to improve my trout game with that 3wt. It would definitely help not to rip the little ones out of the water like I sometimes do with my 4wt /:

    3. Tough choice. 10 wt for walking the beach and jetty hopping in Jersey or a 6 wt for targeting the wild trout of the upper Delaware river system

      1. 8’4″ 3-wt, for my AF retirement gift to fish native trout steams back home in PA and up in Nee England.

    4. I’d like a 3 weight to fish the native brookies and browns in all the Adirondack streams I fish,especially the Ausable River.

    5. I would take from a 5wt to a 12wt I would be grateful for what I would get, I would love an 8 weight the most but it’s just like picking candy in a store i don’t know until I win but it’s so I could put on an orvis hydros large arbor reel and catch me my first big red and Tarpon. Thanks for the opportunity for letting me enter hope I win.

      -Bryce brown
      Instragram- fly_fishing_florida
      Phone number- 815-601-2806

    6. 9wt, chasing snook tarpon and reds while trying to make a film for next years iff! Also chasing bull trout in Alberta near Jasper.

    7. I would love a 905 tip flex for lakes and rivers here in California. What a beautiful rod this is – thank you for the chance!

    8. I would absolutely love a 9′ 7 weight. Right now I’m in northeast ohio going for steelhead. I’m from northern california originally, and im about to make moves to colorado. About a month ago my rod was broken and although it’s given me time to reappreciate nature, the river isn’t frozen anymore, and im itching to get back out.

    9. I want to fish the middle fork of the Salmon River in late Aug or early Sept. The 8′ please. This is the top of my ‘bucket list.’

    10. I would most definitely want the 8’4″ 3 weight to give to my dad so we could go after some native trout in East Tn together.

    11. Hmmmm…thinking…Yes a 9ft 7wt Smallmouth Bass on the North Fork of the Shenandoah AND just in time for the Shad Run on the James River as well.

    12. Having recently lost my H2 (with Mirage) on the water… It would be great to replace it! I’d use a 4,5,or 6 weight 10ft rod for various fish! From picky rising trout to fighting smallmouth!

    13. I would to use the 9ft-7wt for Fishing the ponds In Austin Tx for the largemouth bass that reside there, I would also switch it for some Texas costal fishing at Port A. when in the UK I would use it for fishing for the stocked lake rainbow trout and Atlantic Salmon on the river Usk because a 4wt Rod can’t handle the power of these fish a 7 wt would significantly improve my chances of catching bigger game fish all over the world!

    14. I’m new to fly fishing and extremely addicted! I’m going to Wyoming this summer to fish the snake river. I’d love the 3wt

    15. I think I would give the 9 foot 9 weight to chase big bowfin, and big chain pickerel in the lower clear sandy Piedmont areas of North Carolina

    16. I’ll be happy with anything from a 3wt for smashing brookies and bream up to a 10wt for the gulf and keys. Thank you.

  1. Chasing trout all over the state of New Hampshire would be even better with a 9ft, 4wt Helois 2. Especially for my summer and fall trips to New Hampshire’s Great North Woods!

  2. 9ft 5wt for chasing native snake river cutthroats in the gros ventre drainage and rainbows/browns on the south fork!

  3. 9′ 9wt would be my choice for fishing out on Indian River Fl for Reds and Trout so close to home and Tarpon on west coast.

  4. I would take a 9 ft 9 weight out to Belize and fish for bonefish/tarpon/permit with the hopes of landing my first saltwater fish on a fly.

  5. My fiance and I will heading to Canada to chase some pike for our honeymoon in August so a 9′ 10 wt sure would be quite the treat.

  6. Plan to fish Massachusetts, use my Helios 2 for shad run in the spring, 9′ 7wt be perfect for this type of fishing. Merrimack River, Massachusetts is always been a great place to fish shad and small stripe bass come the spring run!! cant wait…grew up fishing this river.

  7. 10′ 4wt. for nymphing the deep, swift runs of Central Valley tailwaters. Neither the method nor the locale are particularly glamorous, but the trout are native, wild, and plentiful.

  8. Already have an Orvis 4wt. for trout and panfish. I would like to have an 8wt. to chase bass and to surf fish on my FL trips.

  9. Would like to try a 9ft 7weight on the big smallies of big green lake, WI. Would it stand up to the challenge?

  10. A 10′ 5wt might tempt some Cutthroat out in Yellowstone. The hard question is, “How can you choose just one Helios”?

  11. I’m traveling the state of Michigan this year. Since last year I didn’t do anything do to my health problems, But it’s a new year and new rivers and creek to fly fish in. Thanks Orvis for a chance at it. Good luck everyone. I’m in need of a 8ft fly rod

  12. 9′ 9 wt to catch stripers, bonito, and more off the coast of Rhode Island but when the wind picks up, time to take Excalibur (my Helios’ future nickname) to the Rivers of CT to hunt toothy pike!

    1. I want to use the 10 weight to chase pike, and musky on the potomac/shenandoa. Also tuna/striper in the Chesapeake bay.

  13. I would like to try a 9′ 5 weight rod to catch my first fish while fly fishing. I have been fly fishing multiple times on the South Platte River in Colorado and I have yet to catch a fish!

  14. I know the perfect local spot to use a 9ft 7wt for carp, suckers and freshwater drum…sorry can’t share the location.

  15. I will take the 8ft around the state of Michigan to rivers and creek. Since last year I didn’t do anything do to my health problems, But it’s a new year and more opportunitys. Thanks Orvis for a chance at it. Good luck everyone

  16. I would use the 8’4″ 3 weight to fish for big browns on tiny dries on the skinny, Owyhee River, in Eastern Oregon. I would love this rod because the rod I currently own makes it very hard to be stealthy on this small river that is often running below 200 cfs.

  17. I would love the 7 wt. I love my current Sage 5 wt. Which is a great all-round rod but a few times this year I’ve had the occasionaln to hook into a few hogs and you really have to finess a 5 wt. So a great 7 wt. Would be perfect when I know I’m going hog hunting here in Colorado. No I can’t just pick one river, the short list is the South Platte, Arkansas, the Blue, and the Yampa but that only touches the tip of the Iceberg!

  18. 9′ 5wt to go after some picky trout on section of the Yough here in PA. Or if I have to pick one of the three listed the 8’3″ 3wt to chase some wild Browns and native brookies on small unheard of creeks and the Little J.

  19. I’d take a 8’4″ 3 wt, and my two sons to our local city fishing pond and show them that a bluegill can be Moby Dick with the right equipment!

  20. I would love to chase some big Browns with a 6/7 weight on the Little Red River here in beautiful Arkansas!

  21. I would use the 8ft4 3 weight on the Derbyshire river Dove where izzac Walton once fished for the native wild brown trout.

  22. I’d be looking at a 9 ft 8 wt for the versatility to throw big bass bugs, toss pike streamers, and get into some flats fishing.

  23. I would get a lot of use out of a 8 or 9 weight Helios chasing striper over the summer as they move to the rivers her in Georgia. It’s especially interesting out of a kayak!

  24. I want something big to help me catch some beautiful winter steelhead on the lower Deschutes or the Grande Ronde! Just waiting for the rain to slow down a little.

  25. 9′, 5 wt. I’d fish everything from Southern Illinois farm pond bluegill to trout and smallmouth in Missouri rivers.

  26. I already have a H2 5 weight for my trout fishin, which I love! So I want a 7 weight for bassin’ in Texas!!!

  27. 9′ #7wt would be perfect for throwing streamers on the Madison and Yellowstone, or maybe some pike on the Missouri! Would be a part of my arsenal for summer steelhead and light saltwater for sure!

  28. That is a hard choice, have a 9′ 5wt midflex ZG, but a very soft 3 wt for those small SW Montana Streams would be cool

  29. I would love to have a 9ft 9wt for my pike fishing , i have a 6wt for trout and a 8wt for seatrout , i just cant trow 9″ flys with my 8wt so it would be a fantastic 3th rod in my collection ! Thanks for the opportunity !

  30. I want to go to Slovenia and catch a big fat blonde marble trout on a 5 wt. Then I would run around crazed, super excited that I caught my first marble trout, on a Helios 2!!!

  31. Id love an 8’4″ 3w all day long to chase native brookies and wild browns in the Laurel Highlands region of SWPA.

  32. This is the year I devote to learning striper fishing in and around RI’s Narragansett Bay and eastern MA. That 9 ft. 9wt. sure would help.

  33. 8’4″ – 3wt for a little meadow stream I know. It is well hidden away in the Rockies and full of small Brown Trout.

  34. I would love a 9ft 5 weight for chasing trout on the Lehigh and Delaware rivers and my local waters in Pennsylvania. I dream about owning a Helios rod. Can’t currently afford one YET.

  35. 9 foot 8 weight for largemouths, spots, and Stripers on lake lanier, redfish in the lowcountry, snook in southwest FL, and metro Atlanta Carp to top it off!

  36. Big Stick. Gotta chuck those nasty meats in all types of environments. CO is where I reside but I fish anything that tugs.

  37. 9′ 7wt for this summer so I can throw big mouse patterns to brookies at night up here in Maine on the Magalloway.

  38. I’d love a nice made in the USA 9ft 5wt Helios 2 because the awesome trout of the San Juan river deserve to be caught by such a beautiful rod. Anything less than the best would be a shame. Thank you.

  39. I would like a 9 foot 8 weight for steelhead in some local streams and big pike in Minnesota, but I can still use it for red fish and bonefish in Florida.

  40. I’d use it for tarpon and bone fish and then possibly get another spool for Arctic char. 9′ 9-wt would be good.

  41. For me it is ideal rod is 8’4 ” # 3. Fishing trout in small Polish rivers. The ideal solution to slowly approach the timid fish in small streams. My dream!

  42. Hi my name is Krzysztof from Poland and i like so much your rod becose so good.Im Fish in river and pliss send me the 8-foot, 4-inch 3-weight 🙂

  43. I would love nothing more than to cast this rod to rising trout in the native streams of the Pacific Northwest. From the coast to Montana, these streams are some of the most beautiful in the country. Tight lines!

  44. Already have the 9′ 4 wt so I guess I’ll get the 8’4″ 2 wt for spring creek fishing! Pleeeaaasssseeeeee!

  45. An 8′ – 6″ mid flex 5-wt would be perfect for the browns, brookies, and rainbows at my “secret” spots in the Poconos.

  46. I would fish the 9′ 9wt it in the canals by our home for Peacock Bass and Carp here in South Florida. I would also fish it for baby tarpon and big reds down in the keys where it is open season year round.

  47. H2 11′-6wt switch, for my Missouri River trip
    In Montana in May hoping to catch the Mother’s Day hatch, thanks Phil.

  48. I know of some awesome brook trout waters near my home in Northern Minnesota and I hope to spend a couple of weeks this summer where I grew up in NW Montana.

  49. NY Finger Lakes region. We recently moved to a place between Conesus and Hemlock lakes and I want to go exploring.

  50. Man! I love a 9ft 5 weight to chase trout on my trips to MT when I have some biz downtime on the Missouri or Bighorn-hell for that matter to hit the BOW in Calgary when I visit there! I had the opportunity to try a buddies Helios last year and it was Awesome-like casting air-Please pick me!

  51. Helios 2 5-weight 8’6″ Fly Rod—Mid Flex
    or *maybe* the 6′ 2wt.

    Out the back door at my sister’s place in Northern Vermont.

    I’m a Libra, it’s tough to make up my mind.

  52. I think I’d have to ask for a 7 weight to fish for some shad and throw some big flies for smallies.

    And. I promise to be the first fly fisherman fishing on the new colony on the moon. And since there are no size 24 BWO’s on the moon…

  53. I’d love the 9ft 9 weight!! I could do sooo much with it! I live the Southeast so I’d use it for Redfish, Striper, Carp, Snook, Sea trout, big streamers and the occasional bonefish!

  54. I would like a 9ft 5 weight for north Georgia trout. I just got into fly fish and have been told your fly rods and reels
    were world class!

  55. 5i would like a 9ft 5wt for north Georgia trout. I’m just getting started in fly fishing and have always heard your rods and reels were world class.

  56. Would love a 9ft 5wt to use here in East Tennessee on the weekends when I’m not traveling for cross county or track. The weekends we don’t race I go up to the Hiwassee or Tellico to run by the river and fish after. I’m new to fly fishing and would be honored to have a chance to own a beautiful priece of gear like that!!!

  57. I say suprise me with any length and weight rod and I will try and find the fish to catch it on from here in the mtns of North Carolina to the coast.

  58. 8’4″/3wt moving to Kentucky from Utah my current rods might be overkill… Maybe not but its new territory

  59. I would use a 9 foot 8 weight to lob streamers at big angry browns in the river I’m privileged to have in my literal back yard, to get explosive top water largemouth strikes at my local lake, fish for carp in the same lake, and sight cast at huge pike and tiger muskie at lakes within an hour or two of me and further my love for the tranquil love I’ve developed for fly fishing

  60. I have always wanted a small 3wt, and what better place to use it than Lake Zimmerman fishing for recently revived greenback cutthroat…

  61. I live in Colorado and would love to get out there and chase native brook trout in the high country with a 8’4″ 3 wt! My buddy has a Helios 2, and it’s a fantastic rod!

  62. 9 Ft 5 wt, I’d fish the high country in Colorado, the northern woods in BC or the back country in New Zealand, but for starters I’ll take it out on the creek close to home in PA for the 1000th time with the same renewed sense of hope and excitement seeing that water for the first time coming around the bend.

  63. I’d definitely use it in the Catskills this spring for my trip to the Beaverkill; I already have a Clearwater outfit but why not have a Helios to go with it??

  64. A 9 weight to chase musky here in Tennessee and perhaps to use some in saltwater down in the Florida Everglades to get away from the cold!

  65. I’ll be up the North Fork of the Shoshone – hookin lips of big bows and browns – then in Yellowstone trying to land those cut throats and brookies

  66. I would want a 9′ seven or eight weight for steelhead in idaho and for throwing big flies for muskies, stripers, and lake trout.

  67. I am taking a 10 hour drive from El Paso, Texas To Colorado to fish for Browns in the Dream Stream and Cheesman Canyon. A 9′ 6wt would be perfect for that trip as well as my many trips to Elephant Butte Lake for bass!

  68. I would use a 9 foot 8 wt. for lobbing streamers at angry browns in the river that is literally in my back yard, chasing carp and largemouth in my local lake, and sight casting for huge pike and tiger muskies at lakes within 2 hours of me

  69. I would love the 7-wt to throw poppers to bass considering I just gave my bass rod (8-wt Clearwater) to my little brother! I would use it on all of the small lakes and farm ponds of central MO.

  70. 9′ 8-wt for throwing big streamers on the Yellowstone here in Montana! Mid-flex, so myself, or anyone else in the boat, doesn’t get whacked in the head!

  71. I am 14 and have fly fished since I was 8 yrs old. I love to do backpacking trips through the Colorado Rockies. A 10′ 4 wt rod would be ideal for those high alpine lakes and creeks this summer.

  72. I’d like to take one of your fine rods to Pyramid Lake in Nevada and land one of those huge,Lahotan Cutthroats they are catching there. Based on what I have read and heard a 10′ 7wt. seems like a suitable rod to use on that lake.

  73. I would like that nice little 4 weight to chase some browns and bows on my lunch in the river behind where I work.

  74. >////*>
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    A 9′ 4 Weight
    Would certainly do
    I’d chase native brookies
    In an ADK stream or two
    And snap a few photos
    To share with you

  75. Arkansas fishing. Smallmouth bass on ozark streams. Streamer fishing on white and little red river. Bass and striper fishing on Arkansas lakes. Carp fishing in local ponds. And could probably find much more to do with it!

  76. I would love a 5 weight for bass fishing and for having fun landing big reds when the 8 weight is too easy down in Louisiana!

  77. I would love to use a new H2 on the north fork,of the Platte River. A 9-foot 4 weight would do the trick. Have caught a grand slam encompassing brookies, cutties, Browns and bows in a single day on a certain stretch near FairPlay, CO.

  78. My husband already has 4 H2 but won’t let me use them because he says I’ll jinks them so I wan’t a 6wt that he can’t use because I wouldn’t want him to jinKS it

  79. I’d do a 9wt and use it for reds and snook here in Tampa Bay, popping for bass on inland lakes/Withlacoochee river and for bi-annual Salmon trips to the Kenai Peninsula.

  80. Well, since I have never fly fished before and live in Colorado, any where would be great to use these rods. Maybe Orvis could throw in a guide as well….haha….good luck to who ever wins…..Go Broncos…

  81. 10′ 8 to 12 weight rod to chase some big game. Either throwing big poppers to bucket mouths, or stalking bonefish on the flats. Will be a tough, yet fun decision if i win!

  82. The 3 wt would be used this summer on my trip to New Mexico on the Red River in early July, and the off to Long Island for some dry fly action later that month!

  83. I would love to have the 8′ 4 weight so I can take my son up into the Smokies (Tn and NC) and fly fish for trout:)

  84. A nice 9′ #7/8 for some of these tail water stripers in Arkansas would be right up my alley. Would be fun to land some of these 30/40 pounders.

  85. I would love to have a 3wt. I fish all over Arizona and would love to have this for the Salt river and the streams up north such as Silver Creek and Black Creek chasing or native Apache trout. Thanks Orvis you guys rock!

  86. I would love the 3wt in the backcountry of Arizona White Mountains for the inaugural trip and then the Smokies and finish off the season in the Pennsylvania wilderness.

  87. I could see myself catching peacock bass and other rather large and exotic fish with my father, who I am trying to get into fly fishing, down on my old home waters in Guyana, S.A. I think a 10′ 8-weight would do the job well down there.

  88. 10 ft 4 wt. for trout and the only way I’ll ever lay my hands on a sweet rod like this is if I win won as I am financially decimated after my divorce so this would be a dream come true.

  89. For 2 years my 9 weight has been looking for a mate to go striper fishing in RI. This would do the trick. Maybe I will be in the water this year.

  90. And I’ll add that I want a 10 ft 4 wt so f’ing bad but I can’t even afford a cheap rod right now so the only way I’ll ever get to experience fishing with a rod like that is if I win it. That would be so great.

  91. I would fish the Jack River southwest of Denali for Arctic Grayling…early season…when the river is still thundering from the ice breaking and Mt McKinley is in full view. Heaven.

  92. 9′ 9wt for those times when my glass rods just won’t cut it… First place I’d take it would be the Roanoke river for the striper run!

  93. I’d use it for guiding. My clients would be throwing this 9 ft12 wt for tarpon in the sprint time! Would love this combo i used it myself with Kevin mihailoff on a nice 120 lb silver King.

  94. Since i had to sell my fly rods to pay for my books during college, I would for sure use the 9 foot 7wt for some fall steelhead fishing while I am at school! It would be a much needed break from college life.

  95. In March my wife and I will be celebrating our first anniversary by a trip to Puerto Vallarta! I would love the 9 weight rod to take down with me and try and chase after a roosterfish and some jacks! Thanks orvis

  96. A 9 foot 9 weight would be perfect for fishing the forgotten coast of Florida for an inshore grand slam of redfish, speckled trout, and flounder.

  97. I will take a 8 foot 4weight to Wisconsin to fish the latest improved streams. I want to support the work they are doing to bring and improve trout habitat in the Midwest.

  98. I would get a 9′ 5wt for swinging smaller streamers and dry flies I tied in the winter. Itching for dry fly season on the Beaverkill and east branch

  99. 9ft 9wt for chucking bugs at the Spring striper run and the right in to migrating reds! Looking forward to warmer and fishier days!

  100. I’d take the 7-weight on a Scandinavian sea-trout sojourn; backpacking around the coasts of Denmark and Sweden for sea-run browns.

  101. If love to take a 9′ 9wt on my kayak and chase stripers at the confluence of the Illinois and Arkansas rivers in eastern OK.

  102. Would love an 9ft 4 wt to chase the new select fly waters in PA as awell as chase native brookies in the mountains of Pennsylvania

  103. 3 weight for the little mountain streams in the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 5 weight for the famous Blackfoot or Rockcreek in Montana for cuts and browns

  104. Without funds to travel, I’d stick close to home and chase natives in the waters of Western Wyoming. Or maybe I’d “slum” it and go after ‘bows and browns in the Hank or Madison.

  105. Id love that 9′ 8wt to toss streamers at bull reds in the gulf. South texas salt flying at it’s finest!

  106. Definitely fishing in the high country for trout! Starting to teach the kids! Well actually, my husband is teaching all of us!

  107. The H2 843 would be the perfect addition to my growing collection. I would take it along with my Superfine Carbon 761 and hunt native Golden Trout in the California Golden Trout Wilderness area. It would be perfect for the small lakes and creeks there. In the winter I’d chase wild Brown, Rainbow and Cutthroats in the Upper and Lower Owens along with Hot Creek and a few other “special” spots. But most importantly, I’d pay it forward by teaching my friends that have been asking me to introduce them into the sport and my son who I hope will become my fishing buddy as he grows older.

  108. Unlike most of the popular trout fly fishing videos that spend most of the time getting to the stream. Getting a great vantage point for awesome footage of catching one fish. I’d use the 843 and straight up need to get shoulder surgery at the end of the day. The PA fish commission might even give me a citation for the number of fish I caught. The love of fly fishing is catching fish and I would Trout Bum it out

  109. The H2 Switch 11 ft 9 wt would be perfect for swinging for large king salmon in Alaska. Great company and product!

  110. If I won this contest I would enjoy a 9′ 7wt Helios 2 to pursue bucknasty Browns with articulated streamers on New York marginal trout water. May the odds be ever in your favor.

  111. Boy I sure would like to drift the grass flats on a nice calm day sight fishing for some ole slot redfish with at 7wt (which would be perfect), maybe some speckled trout, and catch a whole mess of pufferfish because some reason they always take my flies.

  112. 9-foot 9-weight or my next trip to sLOVEnia to fish the Idrijca River for big Marbles and the Sava for some awesome Hucho!

  113. I would be extremely happy & excited to fish for large stripped bass in the delta sloughs of northern Ca. It would be such an honor to use & show off my new Helios 2 rod & reel to my friends.

  114. I would love to have a 9′ 9wt for the northern pike on Fawn River in northern Indiana or for those king salmon on the Manistee River in Michigan.

  115. Being new to the South I think I’d like to use the 7 weight to catch all the native bass species, especially on the local rivers.

  116. I would love the 9′ 7 weight to chuck some heavy meat around for the big boys from my kayak on the local lakes here in PA!!!!!

  117. Flathead catfish are an apex predator. They do not react to chum or dead bait-they prefer their meals raw and wriggling!
    At rest the 10 weight would have the company of a well used T3. Out and about it would be a night owl, slinging 10-12″ articulated streamers for 20-40# flatheads!!!

  118. I just moved back to Vermont from the west and need a locally made stick to offset the Washington brands in my kit. I think I’d go for a 10′ 4wt or 5wt Switch to explore some water I never hit as a kid.

  119. I’d like the 7wt. for casting big bass flies at the banks on the Colorado and San Marcos Rivers south of Austin. I’d also like it for carp in Brushy Creek in Round Rock.

  120. Swashbuckling with atlantic salmon in CT and feisty stripers on the flats of Cape Cod with a rad 9′ 9WT!! Kickin’ a– and takin’ names! Cheers guys!

  121. As an elnu abenaki from vermont. I plan to fish the same rivers as my ancestors did… the upper deerfield is my favorite! I would fish it with a 9ft 5wt.

  122. I would go for the 9ft9wt to begin my search for stripers on the Chesapeake Bay. Mainly a trout guy, but I would use that to learn the ways of sinking line and bigger flies.

  123. I’d love to use the 9′ 7wt. to catch massive brown trout up here in MN in the driftless region. Last year I began mousing late at night and I assure you, you don’t need to fly to New Zealand to catch browns like that! Hope I win!!

  124. 9′ 5wt is the rod I use in almost every river, so I would want one for all the western rivers I fish, from the Metolius to the Deschutes and Crooked river, to forays into Idaho and Montana. This seems like the rod that could handle 99% of what I need.

  125. Bass bugs with a 7wt would round out my quiver and be great for catching schoolies, smallies, catfish, shad, and bass on the potomac here in DC. TPFR!!!

  126. My brother and nephew just moved here, to Alaska, to be closer to family..I would gift the rod to my nephew and take him fishing for Arctic Grayling, which are perfect quarry for beginning fly-fishers..

  127. Hi
    Thank you for this opportunity to win a fine Helios 8’4″3wt rod. Besides using the Helios to fish for trout in NJ and NY, I would pass on the rod to my grandson who is 8 years old and fly fishing for 2 years.

    thank you again

  128. I would take a 10 foot 4 weight out to Colorado and take my best friend fishing. He is struggling with life after serving in the Marines. When we served together we were closer than brothers. He flew to NY to be in my wedding and I am planning a trip to be in his next year. I want to teach him what I learned about how fly fishing and the outdoors can relax me and calm me down. Then I would leave him with this rod and reel and let him explore the mountains and tell me his new stories.

  129. I’d like a 9ft 7 weight for a trout streamer on the upper delaware, bass in the susquehanna, and steelhead in the erie tribs.

  130. I’d love the 9ft 5wt for spending time at our favorite place, with my son at Kolob Reservoir and Deep Creek, above Zion National Park in Utah.

  131. I would use a 9′ 6 weight to chase big bows in Alaska this coming fall and then to throw big streamers to Browns and bows on my home waters in Utah.

  132. If I won the Helios 2 Rod, I’d grab HAPPILY use it on a trip I’m taking this June to fish the Gros Ventre River in Montana/Wyoming! Woohoo! Pick me Pick me!! : )

  133. My father and I took up fly fishing last year for his retirement and attended an Orvis class to help us get the hang of it. I splurged and got all the gear I need – he didn’t. I think he would want to go after trout in suburban New Jersey…or maybe chase stripers down the shore, two of his favorite places.

  134. I’d probably go with an 8’4” 3 weight for the small mountain streams in the PNW…or go up to a 7 weight for some steelhead…

  135. I would like a 4wt- I could fish everything around here with that rod- small stream, tailwaters, and some freestones….

  136. Heading to Tanzania in a couple months on a family trip. Not much of a beach guy, I’d much rather huck streamers to whatever may be lurking below on a new Helios 9′ 9W!

  137. I would love to backpack to the back country lakes and streams and get on some beautiful natives. The 3w 8’4″ would be perfect for some backpack trips into some beautiful Brookies and rainbows.

  138. 8’4″ 3wt for working the Collawash and Eagle Creek in Oregon. I love watching those aggressive little trout hit dry flies during the warm, wet-wading months.

  139. I’d choose the 9′ 7 weight for steelhead in the Salmon River in NY and for light salt water on west coast of FL.

  140. Fly fish for rainbow and brown trout on the Little Red River in Arkansas. Need a rod to fish streamers!

  141. A 9′ 7wt is ideal for slinging big bass bugs on the local lakes and secret retention ponds here in Central Florida

  142. A nice 8-foot, 4-inch 3-weight to slay the rainbows down the Allagash with me this spring. A nice little 5 day canoe/camping trek down the river with my father in Northern Maine.

  143. 9 / 5 wt to hit the South Branch of the Raritan River, NJ. Would love to where a sign that reads “LOOK WHAT I JUST WON!!!” Then proceed to show off with few amazing Rainbow Trout strikes!

  144. I just moved to AZ from the Pacific NW. Instead of using my Helios 5 wt or my H2 7 weight for the Deschutes, now I need a nice little 3 weight to explore the high mountain lakes and streams.

  145. I need a 10wt rod stiff enough to use out on my boat to pull a linesider from the briny depths of Nantucket Sound . If I don’t win one I guess I will have to buy one !

  146. My wife and I have finally saved enough to go on our honeymoon after being married for almost 2 years. We decided on a trip to Panama and she said agreed we could bring a couple rods! A couple that fishes together stays together. I would use a 9ft 9wt for tarpon and snook in the river mouths flowing out of the mangrove forests.

  147. I’d love a versatile 8wt to cast big poppers to hungry largemouths and hunt for striper in the lakes and off the coast of Maine

  148. 9ft 7wt for my first trip to Banff this Summer to try to catch my first bull trout! Otherwise, I’ll have to use my 10wt Helios II. (Not a bad problem to have but my 7wt cortland of 15 yrs broke and is what I need [want] to complete my quiver)

  149. I would love to fish the 9′ 4 weight mid-flex to fish my local water on the gunpowder, and for trips to western MD, VA and WV.