Enter to Win a New Helios 2 Switch Rod!

The new Helios 2 Switch Rods will handle everything from steelhead and musky to striped bass and king salmon.

In the year since its unveiling, the Helios 2 fly rod has made a pretty big splash in fly fishing, garnering rave reviews from around the world. For those fly fishers who chase big game, we’ve made five new additions to the Helios 2 family.

Built entirely in the Orvis rod shop in Manchester, Vermont using the same finely tuned tapers as their single-handed predecessors, the two-handed Helios 2 switch rod models feature a 20% reduction in swing weight, a 20% increase in lifting power, and a versatile solution for the angler who wants to use both overhead and two-handed casts. The rods will be available in five 11-foot models, from 5-weights through 9-weights.

“When we were designing the Helios 2 switch rods, we wanted to reduce their swing weight (from the original Helios) without sacrificing any power or accuracy,” explains Orvis product developer Shawn Combs. “The H2’s steep tapers allowed us to keep more mass in the butt section for fish fighting and longer casts, but the rods are still light enough to overhand cast like a 10-footer.”

To celebrate, we’ve decided to give one of these bad boys away. Enter the contest by using the cool widget below, which offers you a couple ways to earn additional entries and increase your chances of winning. The winner will be announced on Monday, November 4.

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78 thoughts on “Enter to Win a New Helios 2 Switch Rod!”

  1. i would love this rod… since my 8wt helios snapped this sun on the salmon river… whitakers nor orivs wanted to do anything to help get me back on the water.

    1. sorry your rod broke, I know the feeling. But honestly I find it hard to believe that Orvis wasn’t willing to replace your Helios nor help you in anyway to get you back in the game. I’ve been an Orvis customer for 15 years I’ve broken a few rods and have had problems with boots,waders etc. but not once have I ever had a problem with Orvis replacing any of these items. My daughter accidentally snapped the tip off one of my rods while she was float tubing on a high mountain lake 300 miles from home. I called Orvis about it explained what had happened and I’m one rod short now. Orvis was kind enough to send me a brand new rod with in 3 days before even receiving my broken one. My wife drove it to our camp so we could continue our fishing trip.
      This is just one of many stories I have pertaining to Orvis’s excellent customer service. I find it hard to believe that Orvis or anyone that deals with Orvis wasn’t willing to try their best to acomadate your needs.

  2. own a Access Switch 8wt and Mirage V
    But love to win Helios 2 Switch Rods for musky & kings but i Can’t afford it .
    cheers 🙂

  3. I started fly fishing 20 years ago on a fiberglass rod and just moved up to graphite /composite rods in the last 5 years. Ready for a Orvis !!!

  4. I’ve got a Fly Logic 8wt 14′ steelhead rod that I like….however, I’m always interested in a new rod and the Helio rod sounds and looks interesting.

  5. I got to use a Helios rod this summer while fishing with Orvis endorsed guide Captn Warren Marshall on Cape Cod. It was my first guided trip and first time out for stripers and bluefish. I was very impressed with the helios strength and casting feel. I hope the switch rod is of the same fighting power and castability. Thanks much for the opportunity!
    Mark Barry

  6. I want to start fishing with a switch rod. Soon!! Might as well be a Helios!!! I’m sure it’s a beautiful rod.

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  8. I would love to win this rod so that I could teach my son the enjoyable difference of fishing with quality gear.

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