Episode 2 of “Fly Tying with Tom” Facebook Live is This Afternoon!

Since so many folks are working at home, we’ve launched a series of Facebook Live fly-tying events as a way to connect. The second “Fly Tying with Tom” event happens TODAY at 3 p.m. (EDT) on the Orvis Fly Fishing Facebook page.

If you need to stock up for these events, we’re offering FREE shipping on all fly-tying materials.

For each event, we will announce the pattern and the recipe in the morning, so you can get everything in order to be ready to tie along with Tom Rosenbauer, broadcasting from his home fly-tying station. Today, Tom will be tying a Tunghead Woolly Bugger. Here’s the recipe:

Tunghead Woolly Bugger
Hook: 4X-Long streamer hook, sizes 6 through 10.
Cone: Black tungsten Cone, appropriate to hook size. 
Thread: Black, 6/0.
Tail: Black Marabou.
Flash (optional): Pearlescent Krystal Flash.
Body: Black chenille, medium.
Hackle: Black saddle hackle or Woolly Bugger Hackle.
Note: You can tie this pattern in any color or combinations of colors that appeal to you. If you don’t have cones, you can use a heavy bead at the front.

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