Essay: This Is One Kid Who Knows What Fly Fishing Is All About

Written by Max Harkness, age 12

Max Harkness caught this trout at Orvis Sandanona last spring.
Photo courtesy Cynthia Harkness

[Editor’s Note: Proud mom Cynthia Harkness—who works at the Orvis store in Dedham, Massachusetts—sent in this great story, written by her 12-year-old son Max for his first writing assignment for the 6th-grade English class. We present Max’s work here, unedited.]


The sounds of the birds chirp, chirp chirping fills me with joy and relaxation when I go fishing. I love seeing the smiles and hearing the chuckles of my fellow fishermen along with me. After all this relaxation, bang! A big hit. “Fish on!”, I yell. Then when I finally reel the fish in I feel its smooth slimy trout skin. I pose for a picture, making sure I push the fish forward so it looks bigger. When it is a catch and release fishing day, I let it swim away into the rushing stream it calls home.

I love seeing the fish in the calmer areas of water minding their own business. I try to aim my casts right over their faces so they can take a whack at my bait. I like when I walk into the cold water and feel the dirt cover my feet. As I step out further I face the warm sun and get warmed up quickly. When fish rise and jump all over I get frustrated seeing them but not catching them. Finally after a long day of fishing I wash off my slimy hands. They smell bad but remind me of how many fish I caught. Next, my Dad fillets the fish and we have a tasty and rewarding fish fry. We tell stories. Laugh. Talk. Share pictures and thank each other for coming to another great fishing day.

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  1. So simple, yet so true. He captures the entire essence of a day on the water so well. Way to go, Max, keep up the fishing and the writing, you have talent for both!

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