First Casts 02.04.15

A San Juan worm, trailed by something small and dark was the ticket over the weekend on the South Platte.
Photo via Trouts Fly Fishing

[Editor’s Note: “First Casts” is an occasional feature that highlights great fly-fishing content from around the Web—from how-to articles, to photo essays, to interesting reads.]

    • Over on the Pile Cast blog, Dave Hosler writes the first installment about his recent trip south to pull streamers on the White River in Arkansas during a little event called Streamer Lovefest.

Streamers in the South seems a good way to spend a winter’s day.
Photo by Dave Hosler
    • If you’re looking for a great piece of writing today, a fine story by Erin Block—”Winter Birds Don’t Sing”—is available on the Gray’s Sporting Journal site. The subtitle, “And the unsinkable Parachute Adams does not necessarily float” should pique your interest.
    • Some scary news for Pacific anglers: sardine stocks are in free fall. An important article on Salon looks into the problem, its causes, and the potential catastrophic effects.
  • Finally, my pal Morgan Lyle ran into John Gierach at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show and took the opportunity to ask the Sage of Colorado a few probing questions about fishing, life, and literature.

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