Fly-Fishing News: First Casts for 08.13.13

Kirk Deeter shows you how to catch fish like this on attractor dry flies.
Photo via Fly Talk

“First Casts” is a regular feature that highlights great fly-fishing content from around the Web—from news, to how-to articles, to photo essays, to interesting reads.

  • According to an article in The Montana Standard, biologists are gaining ground in the war against lake trout in Yellowstone Lake: “Fewer lake trout are being caught per net in Yellowstone Lake, marking a turning point in the effort to knock the invasive species out of the big lake.”
  • Kirk Deeter offers some good advice for fishing attractor dry flies (’tis the season!) over on the Fly Talk blog: “With attractors, you want to space things out a bit, not only to cover more water, but also to keep the fish guessing.”
  • In other invasive-species news, The Denver Post reports on sightings (and catches) of pike in the Colorado River. This could be big trouble for the trout population, and anglers are encouraged to kill any pike they catch.
  • Is fly fishing the new golf? An article in Crains Detroit Business focuses on how businesses are using fly-fishing trips to woo clients and close deals: “If you spend eight hours in a boat with someone, you’re going to get to know them, and they’re going to get to know you. You’re going to know if you like each other. You’re going to learn about a guy’s temperament, the people he knows.”
  • Midcurrent has the skinny on the 105th American Casting Association National Casting Championship, which was held August 1-4th at the Oakland Casting Club in Oakland, California. Steve Rajeff took home his 41st honor as Grand All Around Champion, winning nine gold and three silver medals throughout the competition.
  • Finally, do you like beer? Over on Gink + Gasoline, Kent Klewein lists 10 brewing companies that go out of their way to protect fish and habitat. So every time you down one of these brews, you’re doing a public service!

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