First Time Midge Fishing: Lessons Learned

Emily Neiley

Okay, so it’s the height of summer and the post I am sending you to is more than a year old and takes place in the winter. But you know, it’s still a great post about learning a new way of fly fishing, getting help from other anglers, and getting out there on your own and getting after it. It’s written by Emily Neiley, and appeared at It’s called Learning Winter Fly Fishing. In it, Emily shares her adventure of fly fishing under cover of darkness to learn skills without being seen.

The scandalous truth of the matter is that I knew better than to show up at the river in broad daylight. I knew the basics of catching fish in winter, yes, but my knowledge was limited to bundling up and using tiny tippets and flies—the internet supplied the rest of my instruction for the tricky midge fishing ahead.


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