Fly Fishers Take Top Prize in Major Bass Tournament!

Philippe Charon (second from left) and Karl Beliveau accept the spoils of their victory.
Photo via Big Bass Challenge Quebec

Last weekend, Scientific Anglers pro-staff members Philippe Charon and Karl Beliveau took home the top prize in the Big Bass Challenge Quebec, a major bass-fishing tournament. Why is this notable? Because, of the 96 teams entered in the event, Charon and Beliveau were the only fly fishermen. Yes, folks, a couple of long-rodders beat out 95 boatsworth of Senko-slingin’, Rapal-chuckin’, rubber-worm draggin’ gear anglers. By catching the biggest fish, a 5-pound smallmouth, Charon and Beliveau earned $5,000.

Philippe Charon shows off the fish that shocked the bass-fishing community.
Photovia facebook

Before the event, their boat company posted an image of the two anglers with this message:

Again this year, we will humbly represent the “Moucheurs” during this competition. The aim is to demonstrate that the practice of fly fishing is accessible to all, on all types of water, for all species. Long live the fly!

We wholeheartedly agree.

Photo via Facebook

Charon and Beliveau–fishing with Helios 2 fly rods, Hydros SL reels, and the Scientific Anglers Mastery Titan fly lines–have fired a shot across the bow of the bass-tournament crowd. Perhaps the hardware anglers won’t scoff the next time they see a boatful of fly rodders lining up on a tournament’s first day.

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  1. Now that the word is out that fly fishing catches bass; I’ll have to share all the fish with crowds of wannabe fly fishers.

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