First Casts 01.08.13

Choosing the right size nymph is viral to success, argues Rick Hafele.

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[Editor’s Note: “First Casts” will be a regular feature that highlights great fly-fishing content from around the Web—from how-to articles, to photo essays, to interesting reads.]

  • In yesterday’s Salt Lake Tribune, Brett Prettyman offers a history of the Chernobyl Ant dry fly, which was born on the banks of Utah’s Green River in 1991.
  • As regular readers are aware, I worked at a Casting for Recovery retreat last September and found it a rewarding and moving experience. Bill Sargent writes about an upcoming retreat in Florida and describes the CFR program, writing on Floriday Today.
  • Rick Hafele wrote the “Entomology” column in American Angler for more than twenty years, so he knows a lot about aquatic insects. On Midcurrent, Rick offers 5 “Nymphing No-Nos” that will help you catch more fish.
  • Fly fishing also gets some interesting treatment in the mainstream media, and here’s a perfect example: in Discover Magazine, Curtis Rist explores the physics behind fly casting and compares the motion of the line to that of a bullwhip. Interesting stuff.
  • If you’re heading to the tropics to chase permit on a fly, check out these tips (Tip #1 and Tip #2) from my friend Marshall Cutchin over on Skiff Republic. Marshall was a longtime Florida Keys guide who fished with Del Brown a lot, so he knows what he’s talking about.
  • Finally, writing in Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, angler/illustrator Joe Mahler describes three useful casts that will help you get the fly where it needs to be.

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