First Casts 03.08.13

Homewaters Require Vigilance from Native Fish Society on Vimeo.

Editor’s Note: “First Casts” is a regular feature that highlights great fly-fishing content from around the Web—from how-to articles, to photo essays, to interesting reads.

  • The video above, from the Native Fish Society, discusses how hatchery salmon are adversely affecting the recovery of wild steelhead across the Pacific Northwest, with a special emphasis on Oregon’s Sandy River.
  • In an article on the Fly Fisherman site, former editor John Randolph focuses on some of the great fishing to be had on the Emerald Isle. Specifically, he’s chasing the famed “mayfly” hatch of the UK, in which huge Danica mayflies bring big fish to the surface. I’ve fished in Ireland and highly recommend it, for both its quality and its relative inexpensiveness.
  • According to an article on the National geographic website, the stocking of brown and rainbow trout around the world has wreaked havoc on native fish, notably the brook trout of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park . But restoration efforts have made great strides over the last 30 years.
  • Looking for something good to read over the weekend? The premier issue of a Scandinavian online publication called Fin Chasers Magazine hit the digital newsstand last week. Read the new issue here.
  • On the Gink & Gasoline blog, Kent Klewein offers his list of 12 Tiny Nymphs That Always Seem to Get the Job Done. If you tend to shy away from the littlest bugs, you may be missing out on a lot of great fishing opportunities.
  • Casting instructor Macauley Lord has taught more people to cast than you’ve had hot lunches, and he offers up a valuable lesson on the Belgian Cast on If you ever want to cast heavy flies, this is an extremely useful technique.

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