Photo of the Day: A Little River Archery

Jaimie Mercer, Orvis Director of Retail Sales & Operations, aims a bow-and-arrow cast at
a Utah trout, under the watchful eye of guide Grant Bench of Falcon’s Ledge.

photo by Doug Barnes

This is a cool photo from last summer’s trip several Orvis folks made to Falcon’s Ledge after the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. We posted about Jamie Mercer’s day on the water back in August, and there’s a great post on the FL blog about the second day of the Orvis fishing managers’ retreat:

After nearly an hour on the water Jaime and I spotted some nice fish working in a slow, flat run. It was an approach I’ll never forget. After lengthening Jaime’s dropper, we proceeded to bow and arrow cast to some nice natives that were feeding down deep along a classic western undercut bank.Watching Jaime make her first bow and arrow cast and actually getting an “eat” was something I’ll never forget.

Click here for the full story.

Click here for a video lesson on the bow-and-arrow cast.

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