Photos of the Day: Swedish Landlocked Salmon

Per Westerlund Salmon

Per Westerlund shows off a fine landlocked salmon from the river Klarälven in Sweden.

photo by Jan Hagman

European friend Per Westerlund sent us these great photos along with a description:

We were fishing on 27th of June in the river Klarälven, which runs from Norway down to Sweden’s biggest lake, Vänern—a lake famous for its fishing for big trout and landlocked salmon.

In the past, before the power dams were built, salmon could be caught all along the river, but today the journey stops in Forshaga, a small town just some 20 kilometers up the river. Some fish are captured by net and get to ride in tanker trucks past the dams and are released higher up in the river—a poor attempt to dampen the brutal effect that the power dams have on the Salmon population and the potential fishing possibilities.

Below the first dam and down to the Lake Vänern, the fishing for two species of landlocked salmon and big trout has developed into an easy-access popular spot for sport fishing.

This particular day, we were fishing from a boat, and I was using a single-hand Orvis 9-foot, 8-weight rod, with a floating line (only thing allowed) and a single-hook fly.
I cough two nice salmon (both released) and lost one, and my friend Jan landed one (also released).

photo by Jan Hagman

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