Photo of the Day: An Unexpected Cat

Fly-caught catfish

This is not the kind of thing you expect to catch on a Prince Nymph.

photo courtesy Jeremy Roberts

It’s not every day that you get a picture of a fly fisherman hoisting a big catfish, but Jeremy Roberts’s photo is even more impressive when you learn the circumstances of his catch:

I was doing some fall bluegill fishing in a farm pond and hooked into this awesome flathead catfish. After about a 30-minute fight, I got him in. The crazy thing was that I was using a size 14 Prince Nymph on 6X tippet. My rod, a new Clearwater 7’6″ 3-weight, did great. Oh, by the way, the fish measured 38-inches long, and weighed over 25 pounds!

Sheesh. That’s like catching 100 bluegills all at once.

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