Video: DoD Diaries, Part II

Last Monday, we posted Episode I of Stefan Ågren’s new series “DoD Diaries,” featuring him and his Swedish buddies searching for trout willing to eat off the surface. Here’s the second episode, in which Johan Jonsson and Hans Johansson join Stefan in exploring a new area. Here’s Stefan’s description:

The aim with this video is to show some raw footage of what’s going on during our fishing trips. Some scenes may be a bit long but that’s the whole idea. It’s purpose is to show that we both are struggling to catch fish and that we sometimes are lucky. That’s why the title is “Diaries” in order to illustrate a fishing trip as true as possible from what happened and what force that makes us dry fly fishermen become weird.

There are subtitles, so if you don’t see them, click the little “cc” button at the lower right of the YouTube frame.

dod ii copy

Srefan enjoys a moment of solitude.

photo courtesy

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