“In Our Time”: Amazing Video of Fly Fishing in New Zealand

Readers of this blog should be familiar with Dave and Amelia Jensen—of Jensen Fly Fishing in Alberta, Canada—whose photos and videos appear here pretty often. But this one takes the cake, featuring some of their best footage from their trips to New Zealand. Here’s what Dave has to say about it:

We’re fortunate to enjoy three months fly fishing the South Island of New Zealand each year. On each trip, our time, we’re completely engaged in the fly fishing, the landscape, the birds, beech forests, tussock lands. . .and we simply lose ourselves during that time. Of course, the fly fishing is spectacular—both easy as and tough as, but that’s how it goes. “In Our Time” is in reference to not only what we do, but how the New Zealand trout go about their business of feeding. Each scene of this short video represents the endgame of a lot of planning of where & when to fish, getting the right camera position, tramping 1 kilometer or 10 hours, and enjoying our time. Of course, if you are fortunate enough to spend that amount of concentrated, communicative time with your spouse and understand that kind of commitment, this video also represents a lot of intense quality time together.

Although I say this about most videos, I really mean it for this one: Watch it at 1080p resolution and a full-screen, even if it means you have to wait awhile for the whole thing to load. Trust me; it’s worth it.


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