Bonus Friday Video: Catching the World’s Largest Freshwater Fish on a Fly

Back in May, we posted the teaser for the film “Jungle Fish,” in which three American anglers head to the South American country of Guyana to test the theory that fly-fishing for arapaima would be a viable tourism business. You can now watch the entire 30-minute video on the Fly Fishing Film Tour website. (It’s not embeddable, so I can’t show it here.)

It’s a very cool story, and the adventure aspect of it is neat. But the first time you hear the sound of one of these monsters gulping air, you’ll know that this is no ordinary fish story. I don’t wanna give anything away, but trust me when I say you’ll be amazed that anyone would even attempt chasing these fish with a fly rod.

Click here to watch the full film.

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