Video: The Guy Who Can’t Catch Fish

Our pals at have produced another gem, this time focused on a big mayfly hatch in the central region of Sweden. It seems that Stefan was having some difficulty landing fish last spring, so there was some concern about how he’d do when confronted by huge fish rising to large bugs floating in the current:

Each year we travel south to the central parts of Sweden in order to time the rare hatches of the may flies. Sometimes we succeed but mostly it’s a complete failure. This particular day, however, we were lucky and there was actually a pretty good hatch which forced the trout to search the surface of the river. But did Stefan catch his first fish of the season?

You might need a drool bucket to watch this, for there are some incredible shots of fish hammering mayflies. It sometimes blows my mind that they can film these scenes, rather than grabbing their fly rods and casting at the beasts showing little wariness.

Here’s what drives the trout so wild.

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