Foam Is Home

Written by: Phoebe Bean

Photo by Phoebe Bean

Thanks to Orvis colleague Pete Kutzer, my bleak outlook on the closed fishing season in New England has brightened a bit.

Pete disclosed that there are a few nearby rivers that have small sections open year-round, which was music to my ears. After getting the location details from him on Wednesday night, I figured I would wait and hit the rivers over the weekend for some much needed fish therapy. But, I couldn’t help myself, so I dipped out a little early on Thursday and hit the water with my waders, rod, and definitely not enough layers for the 37-degree weather waiting for me.

I threw on a size four black nutcracker and went to work. Throughout my years of fishing, streamers haven’t really been my thing. I like dry-fly fishing. I like seeing my fly and watching the fish rise. I have to say, though, that using streamers has definitely been growing on me, and when the water temperature is super low, they pull through almost every time.

The Nutcracker
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After three casts, I moved upstream 10 yards to a deep pool on the edge of the main current that had lots of good foam. On my fourth cast of the day, I felt a bit of a tug. Hoping it wasn’t my weights caught up on the bottom, I was stoked when I could feel the trout begin to fight after I set the hook. The whole process of landing him went perfectly, which is not usually my experience. The chunky, 15-inch rainbow was very cooperative and removing the hook was a breeze, despite my numb fingers. I quickly snapped a couple of photos, and then off he went back into the depths of the pool.

Now that I have a few spots to go try out, I think the transition from fall into winter will be a lot less bleak for me.

Thanks again, Pete!

Photo via Phoebe Bean

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  1. I just last week had a similar experience on a cold North Idaho freenstone. Primarily a dry fly fisher this year I turned to wets, nymphs, and terrestrials with great success. Did not want to quit fishing as November came so decided to g for the grand slam and spend at least one day with streamers. Black and the green size 10 and 12 wooly buggers led to over a dozen 12 to 14 inch cuts and rainbows. So I’m joining the club with you. So haven’t put the gear away yet.

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