Folks Gather in Craig, Montana to Discuss Launching a Missouri River Foundation

Written by: Taylor Todd and Chris Strainer, Crosscurrents Fly Shop

Meeting at the Missouri River Ranch, a group of 40 plant the seeds for a new venture to help the river.

Earlier this week, members of the community gathered to discuss the possibility of starting and supporting a new foundation centered around the Missouri River. Nearly 40 people from diverse backgrounds showed in support of a river they love. There were community members, local business owners, fly-shop staffers, outfitters, members of TU, lawyers, land owners, FWP biologists, and a few people from afar who visit the Missouri River as a vacation spot. It was astonishing to be in a room with the amount of knowledge and experience present, all with one common thread—a love of the river.

Bandon Hoffner from The Henry’s Fork Foundation and Richard Lessner from The Madison River Foundation came and spoke on behalf of their respective organizations. They offered insight into the missions and goals of their foundations, as well as past accomplishments on their rivers. Both men were very knowledgeable and offered a helping hand with the potential genesis of The Missouri River Foundation.

There was some discussion about what the scope and mission will be for the future Missouri River Foundation, but the floor is still completely open and the opportunities are endless. If you love the Upper Missouri River Basin, then you, too, should attended the next meeting where folks will try to hammer out a mission statement and discuss how the actual foundation will be formed. The meeting will take place at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 17th at The Oasis Bar and Grill in Wolf Creek, Montana.

To learn more about this potential foundation and to keep up with future meetings, “like” the Missouri River Foundation Facebook Page.

Special thanks to Pat Hunter (Izaak’s Restaurant) for organizing this event and gathering people together for discussion. Also, a big thanks to Chip and Sue Anderson for hosting the meeting at the beautiful Missouri River Ranch. We can’t forget Keith Scott who provided some good tunes after the meeting for people to enjoy.

Please post a comment below if you have any thoughts or suggestions about the possible formation of this new Missouri River Foundation or concerns for the watershed you would like addressed by this organization.  We would love to have your input.

One thought on “Folks Gather in Craig, Montana to Discuss Launching a Missouri River Foundation”

  1. This is needed with all the people turning MT into the next Colorado. They all want a piece of the west, MT seems to be the new destination for the rich folks who want land on trout streams in the mountains.

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