Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 01.20.23

Welcome to the latest edition of the Orvis News Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival! Each week, we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing videos available, and curate them for you. Today, we’re serving up 10 killer productions, from such far-flung destinations as Alaska, the Amazon, greater London, and Canada. The rest is down-home cookin’, including our first ever video about an Arizona native species that deserves more attention.

For best results, watch all videos at full-screen and in high definition. Remember, we surf so you don’t have to. But if you do stumble upon something great that you think is worthy of inclusion in a future F5, please post it in the comments below, and we’ll take a look.

A classic: What happens when you bring your Mexican saltwater-guide friend to Alaska?
Pressured to leave Poland as a dissident in the 1980s, Mariusz Wroblewski forged a life around fly fishing.
A beautiful look at fly-fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Newfoundland and Labrador.
The latest from Rolf and Håvard is as good as you’d expect.
Ellie Reeves takes us on a journey on an urban stream. Warning: Language.
A couple buddies enjoy a biking-fishing road trip in Oregon.
After 12.5 years, we finally have a video about catching Sonoran suckers!
They take Opening Day very seriously in Scotland. Looks like fun.
An Amazon mothership experience would be cool.
From Dave and Amelia: “Our new series “How We Do It” serves to provide full value in exactly that, to dive more into the why behind the how, to look at fish behavior and responses to habitat, shifts, to us and our impacts… why we look for trout where we do, and why we do the how.”

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