Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 01.24.19

Welcome to the another edition of the Orvis News Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival! Each week, we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing videos available and then serve them up for you to enjoy. This week, we offer eleven great productions, with a cool mix of down-home goodness and exotic destinations. From the Colorado Rockies to Finnmark, from southern Patagonia to southern California, and from the flats of Cuba to Labrador, there is tons to please the senses of any angler. And ain’t Rolf’s song pretty?

For best results, watch all videos at full-screen and in high definition. Remember, we surf so you don’t have to. But if you do stumble upon something great that you think is worthy of inclusion in a future F5, please post it in the comments below, and we’ll take a look.

And don’t forget to check out the awesome Orvis fly-fishing video theater: The Tug. As of today, there are more than 1,250 great videos on the site!

The fourth episode of the wonderful “Mosquitoes & Mayflies” series–featuring Rolf Nylinder and Håvard Stubø of Jazz & Fly Fishing–explores what is and isn’t a dry fly, and Rolf sings a song about it. Oh yeah, and there are some big brown trout.

Exploring the Everglades by kayak, with a fly rod in your hand, looks like a great way to see the River of Grass.

Here’s a nice, artsy video that captures the beauty of fall fly fishing in Colorado.

Jurassic Lake isn’t the only incredible stillwater fishery in southern Patagonia . . . .

This trailer for a film about chasing one of the largest freshwater fish that will eat a fly, arapaima, will get your heart racing.

If you want to live simply, start with a Tenkara rod and a local trout stream.

Winter-fishing on the Missouri River–near Craig, Montana–might not be comfortable, but there are definite rewards.

Yet another in a recent spate of cool videos about Costa Rica’s mountain rainbow-trout fishery.

The saltwater flats of Cuba offer solitude and lots of willing sport fish.

Southern California isn’t all beaches and surfboards, and winter-fishing in the mountains can be spectacular.

This full episode of “The New Fly Fisher” focuses on one of the top Atlantic Salmon rivers in the world, in Labrador.

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  1. Can Orvis please find some films/filmmakers that don’t play music. Most of the music choices in these films is just plain horrible. Please give us some play by play or the sounds of nature instead of this noise. Thank you for your consideration.

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