Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 02.15.13

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week’s collection is super trouty, with just a dash of saltwater action. The New Zealanders are starting to produce the kinds of videos we’ve been expecting all season, and the South American contingent is showing up more and more, as well. For those who do love the salty stuff, we’ve got close-to-home redfish and baby tarpon, as well as some exotic Seychelles footage that will make you consider flying across the globe. So sit back, and let these videos be the stuff of your fly-fishing dreams. Remember, we surf so you don’t have to. But if you do stumble upon something great that you think is worthy of inclusion in a future FFF, please post it in the comments below. See you next week with a fresh set of films!

We kick things off with some killer video from Patagonia, shot on an annual “Guides End of Season” trip with the boys from Patagonia Unlimited.

A Deliberate Life – Initial sponsor promo from Silo4 on Vimeo.

We posted a 3-minute trailer for “A Deliberate Life” back in November, and here’s a longer, recut promotional video for the film. The footage is just too gorgeous not to feature, even if we’ve seen some of it before.

BOTE HD FLY FISHING REDFISH “BOARD AND FLY” from Slow And Low Coastal Outfitters on Vimeo.

Paddleboard fishing is no longer seen as “out there,” and more and more anglers are making use of these watercraft to get into backcountry marshes. This video has a cool, dark vibe to it, and the first redfish he catches is a beauty.

The Land of Ice and Trout from Torkjel Landås on Vimeo.

How could you go wrong with Iceland’s incredible scenery, beautiful trout, and the dulcet tones of bj√∂rk? I wanna go to Iceland wicked bad, as we New Englanders say.

8415 : 2012 from Joe Irons on Vimeo.

Joe Irons has figured out a way to boil an entire fishing season into four minutes, which is just about the perfect length for one of these roundups.

From Northern California comes this great selection of fishing action, featuring some sweet cinematography. The low-angle shot of bugs on the water near the beginning is particularly cool.

Early Season Brown Trout, Big Fish on small dries, Bow River Fly fishing from Hopper-Stone Outfitters on Vimeo.

Plenty of great, big brown trout from Canada’s Bow River on display in this video. Some super underwater shots, as well as scenes of trout eating dry flies and taking to the air.

The Glacier King from Juan Manuel Biott on Vimeo.

There’s no description accompanying this video, so your guesses are as good as mine, but it looks as if some salmon have escaped the fish farms.

The Seychelles are known for their incredible flats and inshore fly fishing, much of it on display here. Some of this looks like a lot of work, and this time there’s no payoff after a 26-minute fight (if my lousy German is correct).

Going back from Inwaders Media on Vimeo.

Here’s another one with no description, but the filmmakers are Danish. There are plenty of lovely shots in low, north-country light, as well as pretty grayling.

“Coconino,” A Film by Kitchen Sink Studios from Kitchen Sink Studios ®, INC. on Vimeo.

This is just fabulous filmmaking (videomaking?). Here’s what the creators have to say about it: “‘Coconino’ features some of the killer new equipment and editing techniques we’ve brought in-house in the past few months, combined with some of the most beautiful settings in our home state of Arizona. It’s our own little love letter to both our work and to nature.” (Hat tip: This Is Fly Daily)

You know how I love the combination of tiny stream and big fish. The video quality here is not exceptional, but the fish sure is.

Arkansas 2013 from colehatch on Vimeo.

Some serious beats in this video, which compresses a day’s trip in Arkansas into one short package. And who doesn’t like the Black Keys?

Hungry tarpon and a funny guide from PF Flyfishing on Vimeo.

If you’ve never stood on the bow of a flats boat while your guide and fishing partner shouted sometimes contradictory instructions at you, this video captures the experience nicely. And it has a happy ending.

Salmon- and seatroutfishing in Norway 2012 from Tommy Vik on Vimeo.

Ah, Norway! Here’s one from a Scandinavian angler/director we haven’t seen before. Good underwater work, cool angles, and a fine soundtrack put this one solidly in the tradition of the killer stuff coming out of northern Europe.

Square Salmon from Robert Gibbes on Vimeo.

For the Southeasterners in our audience, here’s one that covers fly fishing South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. I like the off-the-bridge technique.

Salmon Flies and Side Channels from Kimbo on Vimeo.

Finally, here’s a very cool, artsy look at chasing the salmonflies and green drakes on both sides of the Continental Divide. It’s long, at almost 18 minutes, but it’s worth it. Have a great weekend!

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