Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 02.22.13

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. Sorry we’re a little late as the result of some technical difficulties here at Orvis HQ. I hope no one’s lunch hour was ruined.

I’m trying to make up for it with one of the longest F5s of all time: 19 videos (one of them has four parts) that will take you around the world—from Montana, to New Zealand, to the middle of the Indian Ocean, to the suburban landscape of Finland, to The Bahamas, and then back up to Pennsylvania. In the course of your travels, you’ll see some incredible fishing action, as well as some truly fine filmmaking. Remember, we surf so you don’t have to. But if you do stumble upon something great that you think is worthy of inclusion in a future FFF, please post it in the comments below. See you next week with a fresh set of films!

Skinny Water Culture: Reā€¢DRUM – Fly Fishing for Redfish throughout Florida from Tailing Loop Miami on Vimeo.

From our pals at Skinny Water Culture: “Watch as we target redfish with a fly rod throughout the state of Florida. From Flamingo Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park, Indian River Lagoon, Mosquito Lagoon to Tampa Bay. With a few other species (tarpon, snook, black drum, sea trout) that decided to join in.”

Mexico 2013 from RT on Vimeo.

From Robert Thompson (creator of “Heart of the Driftless” and “Reverb”): “This was not a fishing trip, though I did get out for a coupe in shore trips. This trip was six days of relaxing, eating, recharging, and I shot a little footage along the way.” I think he sells it a little short.

The Interwebs were packed with New Zealand videos this week, and here’s one of the best. That first fish is just staggering when it goes airborne.

This video about pike fishing in Finland features a shocking opening sequence. Then it moves on to killer fishing action right in the middle of suburbia.

Tweed opening days 2013 from on Vimeo.

Famous Scottish salmon river? Check. Gorgeous castle in the background? Check. Big, fresh Atlantic salmon? Check. What else could you want?

2012 Indiana fly fishing recap from Will on Vimeo.

I will guarantee you right now that this is the best fly-fishing video from Indiana that you’ve ever seen. Trust me.

Three friends enjoy a great trip to Falcon’s Ledge in Utah and catch plenty of great fish along the way.

From ONE10 Outdoors: “With guys from the group coming to Missoula from our home waters in the Pacific North West for the first time we did not know what to expect. This film is a testament to Montana and all the wild adventure it offers. If you like big browns, cuttys, and rainbows from the wild waters of Montana this is for you!”

Southern Utah Fly Fishing Presents – Spring Thaw from Johnathon Spens on Vimeo.

More Utah goodness, featuring some excellent winter trout action.

Christmas Island Solo Explore 2011 from Ray Montoya on Vimeo.

Here’s a cool short from a guy who did a DYI trip to Christmas Island and found plenty to write home about.

More Rainbow Love from chroniclesofcod on Vimeo.

This one, from Chronicles of Cod, does a good job capturing the life of a guide. Check out how the clients almost kill the guy at the oars and don’t even realize it. Been there.

Winter of our Discontent from PA Undercurrent Outfitters on Vimeo.

Whether or not to go fishing during the winter season in central PA is never really a decision for these guys, who don’t mind braving the cold.

Flyfishing for dry sipping trout from Marius Pedersen on Vimeo.

These Norwegian anglers were told that this specific river would have large trout, with the possibility of catching it on the dry fly. Turns out that they had some good intel, as this video shows.

Andros Teaser from Catch 1 Films on Vimeo.

At 16 minutes, this is a long one, and it does a nice job of capturing the experience of a trip to the flats of Andros Island in The Bahamas.

Strip this sh*t ! from Fly Fishing Culture on Vimeo.

Here’s some sweet video from Poland (I think), featuring some swings and misses, as well as some savage takes, from European pike.

This video is a celebration of fishing in the Rockies, and although it’s more or less jumbled-together scenes, it works as a tribute to the region, its rivers, and its fish.

We previously posted a couple of excerpts from “Two Brothers Fly Fishing,” and this is some bonus footage from that DVD, in which a bull trout is accidentally hooked.

“A taxi to your local airport, a plane to Vancouver, a puddle jumper to Bella Coola deep in the mountains of BC, and a helicopter ride over rugged and unforgiving snow-capped peaks brings you to the most pristine and jaw dropping river you will ever see in your life. And there are steelhead, lots of steelhead.”

We finish up with a 4-part series about a group of South African fly-fishing guides on a trip to St. Brandon’s Atoll, “a group of over 50 small islands (total land area of less than 1 square mile), islets, coral ridges and vast sand flats on an extended reef in the Indian Ocean, situated 268 nautical miles north-east of Mauritius.” There’s almost an hour of footage, all told, full of big fish and adventure. Watch some or all, depending on how into exotic saltwater destinations you are.

Have a great weekend!

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