Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 05.30.14

Welcome to a new edition of the Orvis News Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing videos available. This week, we’ve got 16 more videos from around the world. It’s mostly trout, but I have also responded to the calls for more bass and saltwater, pulling some old favorites into the mix. If you missed it last week, check out the full-length version of the wonderful documentary Rivers of a Lost Coast, which I posted late yesterday.

For best results, watch all videos at full-screen and in high definition. Remember, we surf so you don’t have to. But if you do stumble upon something great that you think is worthy of inclusion in a future F5, please post it in the comments below, and we’ll take a look. And don’t forget to check in regularly at The Tug, the Orvis online video theater. See you next week with a fresh set of films!

Parker Smith, who guides at the C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, Colorado, put together this killer video of highlights from his springtime adventures.

Catching a golden dorado is pretty high on my bucket list, and this video makes it look like a serious blast.

This is a fantastic video from Wisconsin featuring a young angler who definitely has some skills. I love to see the young’uns out on the water.

In the comments of last week’s F5, we got some calls for more bass fishing. There wasn’t anything great online this week, so here’s a classic. And get this: it’s from France.

Same thing for saltwater. There’s a bit of a lull in the action from the folks who make such videos, so here’s an oldie but definitely a goodie.

Springtime in Montana offers a filmmaker some great material.

You like trout that jump? That fish leaving the water at the 40-second mark sold me on this video from Utah’s Green River. Wait for the end, where some sketchy fish handling gets its just desserts.

There’s not that much fishing in this video, but it offers a glimpse of a very cool fishery in Oregon.

Here’s a cool shorty from Denmark that shows the moment of truth from two different angles. . .

The 802 in the house: some smallmouth action from right here in the Green Mountain State.

Here’s another salty classic, from Shallow Water Expeditions, as some anglers check out the effects of Hurricane Isaac on the Louisiana redfish marshes.

This little artsy production comes from Finland and features a retro look.

There are no fish in this video from Sweden, but it catches the magic of being on a trout stream just after dawn.

The quality of this video is poor, but what it shows is awesome: catching tarpon from a gold course pond in Georgia. Apparently, these silver kings go up to 30 pounds. I believe that this is the very definition of ” a hoot!”

Although we don’t endorsed any of the kind of behavior or the products displayed in this video, it’s still pretty funny. And what are the chances that we’d have two spaghetti-western-themed videos in back-to-back weeks?

This is a wonderful series of interviews with some of the giants of saltwater fly fishing. Pretty much every word out of their mouths is fascinating and will make you want to learn more.

7 thoughts on “Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 05.30.14”

  1. Thanks for posting the “Saltwater Legends” video. There are some amazing stories in it and anyone who is interested in the history of the sport will appreciate it. Well worth the 18 minutes – I wish it was longer

  2. My inspiration for this video came from watcing your videos….Its not as good as some but best I can do…


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