Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 08.29.14

Welcome to another edition of the Orvis News Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing videos available. Here are 17 new videos from such exotic locations as New Caledonia, Norway, Slovenia, and Pennsylvania.

For best results, watch all videos at full-screen and in high definition. Remember, we surf so you don’t have to. But if you do stumble upon something great that you think is worthy of inclusion in a future F5, please post it in the comments below, and we’ll take a look. And don’t forget to check in regularly at The Tug, the Orvis online video theater. See you next week with a fresh set of films!

We kick things off with a gorgeous video from Slovenia, which features no fish. It is filmed on Lake Cerknica, which is an intermittent lake, which disappears every autumn.

A trip to western Alaska for salmon and trout is an epic experience, and this video captures it well.

A couple of anglers chase a variety of species in the Everglades and Key Biscayne.

Here’s a teaser for an upcoming film on catching Atlantic salmon on dry flies. I love the various intros.

Short and sweet, this video shows why it’s so much fun to sneak up on a pod of feeding trout.

This is from Rock Creek, but not that Rock Creek. This one is near Spruce Pine, North Carolina and is full of feisty rainbows.

Here’s a cool look at the sport fishing opportunities in northern New Caledonia in the South Pacific.

Northwestern Montana doesn’t get the press that the regions to the south get, but there’s plenty of good fishing to be had, as this video featuring Linehan Outfitting demonstrates.

The Talachulitna River is notable for its proximity to civilization, just a 40-minute plane ride from Anchorage, and its great fishing. Here’s a look at the flight in and the kind of close-quarters angling that’s required.

Here’s a cool little video about winter fly-fishing for brown trout on the “west coast.” I am assuming that this is the west coast of New Zealand, but I’m open to correction.

Luke Bannister’s videos have been a mainstay here in the F5, and his latest doesn’t disappoint: if you like small streams and bamboo, you’ll dig this.

This video is notable for its cool shots of absolutely glassy water. What a joy it is to sight-fish in those conditions!

This isn’t a great quality video, I know. I like because it not only shows young anglers, but it also shows them getting out there and learning how to fish, with no guide or adult in charge.

Many European fly fishers feel about barbel the way many of us feel about carp, and this video shows why.

More Florida redfish action and more glassy water.

The Norwegians have discovered Slovenia in a big way, and here’s plenty of great footage from the Soca Valley. The cast and eat starting at 1:59 is very cool!

This is a bit long and rambly, and partly in Swedish, but there are some great visuals and truly stunning fish. That grayling is a beast!

6 thoughts on “Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 08.29.14”

  1. Awesome brookie video boys. Nice to see young anglers loving the outdoors. Doesn’t have to be a famous river to have a great day. Keep the dream alive!

  2. Loved the PA brookie video. Refreshingly honest. Finally a video that is more about the fishing than the music and slick GoPro moves. I’d welcome a day to go fishing with those gents any day.

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