Picture of the Day: Gina’s First Fish on a Fly

Ginas First

Gina McKinney caught her first two fish on a fly rod in Manchester, Vermont last weekend.

photo courtesy Mike McKinney

Last summer, we featured a series of posts by Orvis’s Mike MicKinney, who had embarked on the journey of becoming a fly fisherman. Well, now he’s hooked, so he’s begun teaching his wife what he’s learned. Here’s a photo he took over the weekend and posted along with these comments:

Gina’s first fish on a fly was a sunfish from the pond between the Jelly Mill Outlet and the Orvis Flagship Store. She Used a 6-foot, 6-inch Superfine 3-weight with a nymph dropper off a dry fly. She caugth her first fish on the nymph dropper and a second one on the dry fly.

I have a new appreciation for the patience Steve Hemkens and others have had to teach me to fly fish. I’ll say just one thing….”Go ahead and fish that.”

Nice job, Gina! We hope that those two sunnies are the first of many fish (mostly trout, of course).

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