Great Interviews with Fly-Fishing Women

lori-ann murphy

As I was posting an Itinerant Angler podcast interview with Tom Rosenbauer over on the Fly Fishing page, I realized that Zach Matthews had also interviewed some of my favorite female anglers. Here’s a collection of those interviews, for you to listen to at your leisure.

The first is with my friend Lori-Ann Murphy, whom I originally met when I took my wife fishing on the South Fork in Idaho with a guide from Reel Women, the outfitting business that Lori-Ann founded. A few years later, we spent a week fishing the backcountry together in New Zealand, which was a blast. She’s a spectacular angler, and a really fun person to fish with. I also can’t say enough great things about Cathy Beck, who is one half of the Nicest Couple in Fly Fishing. She and her husband Barry are two of the best ambassadors for and teachers of the sport I’ve ever seen. And Rachel Finn is the Real Deal, a hardcore angler and guide who has focused way more on the fishing than on self-promotion or establishing herself as a celebrity. I don’t know April Vokey or Patricia Edel, but their stories and insights are also fascinating. Click the links below to go to each interview; I hope you enjoy them all.

Lori-Ann Murphy

Barry & Cathy Beck

Rachel Finn

Patricia Edel

April Vokey

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