Hey Fly Tiers: Big Savings on Fly-Tying Materials All Month!

Are you thinking of getting into fly tying, or are you ready to stock up on materials you use frequently? Because now is a pretty good time, since almost everything in our fly-tying department is 20% off until March 2. (The exceptions are Regal vises, Renzetti products, and Whiting feathers.) So whether you’re looking for hooks, thread, dubbing, or almost anything else, you’ll save some dough all month.

Click here to visit the Fly Tying department of orvis.com.

6 thoughts on “Hey Fly Tiers: Big Savings on Fly-Tying Materials All Month!”

  1. I put together an order but then when I was checking I saw 10.95 for shipping(5-7 day service), that is way too steep for someone to drive it cross country. You could put everything in a priority mail envelope/box for that price and get it to me in a day or two.. That eats into more than half the discount so I’d rather go to my local shop.

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