Introducing the New MegaTÜL™, The Only Fly-Fishing Tool You’ll Ever Need!

Phil Monahan uses the precise jaws of the MegaTÜL™ to help debarb Tom Rosenbauer’s Game Changer.

We’ve all been there: You’re waist-deep in a river and in need of a specific tool—nippers or forceps or a hook release—but you just can’t find it. You rummage through all the pockets of your vest or sling pack, locating every other angling gewgaw but the one you require. So you trudge back to the bank, wasting valuable fishing time, to rifle through every possible hiding place. Invariably, you find it somewhere where you’re sure you already looked. It’s maddening.

The vast array of angling gadgetry required for a successful day on the water can seem daunting to the uninitiated. Zingers, nippers, pliers, line straighteners, . . . the list goes on. The fly-fishing industry has created a tool for virtually every purpose on the water, and they are all important in specific situations. Sure, in a pinch you may be able to get by with a hemostat and some sharp incisors, but if you don’t have that release tool or, more important, a sturdy wading staff handy, things could get complicated or downright dangerous in a hurry.

“It’s almost as if you think of the device you need, and there it is!”
—Alvin Dedeaux, All Water Guides

No Bad Ideas

Last spring, Orvis’s own Mr. Gadget, Will Helmetag, found himself unable to retrieve his hemostat while trying to unhook a fine Battenkill brown trout that had taken a Perdigon nymph deeply. Will finally gave up looking and managed to release the fish unharmed, but his inability to immediately put his hands on the right tool when he needed it really stuck in his craw. As he was describing the experience to his colleague Julia Zema back at the office, Facilities Manager Bruce Woodruff walked by. Overhearing the conversation, Bruce quipped, “Shoulda had your Leatherman,” and tapped the leather holster attached to his belt. Will laughed, but Julia sat pensively for a moment before turning to Will. “No, seriously, why don’t you just combine all your fly-fishing tools into one, like a Leatherman? Then you’d never have to search for the tool you need.”

The integrated long-handle net makes landing fish easy.

The proverbial lightbulb went on in Will’s head, and he immediately began sketching specifications for what an angling multitool might include. As the list grew and grew, he became convinced that he’d need some assistance if he was going to revolutionize the world of fly-fishing tools, so he went to the source: the design team at Leatherman at the company’s Portland, Oregon, headquarters.

A quick call for advice led to a larger meeting, which led to a creative brief, an obligatory PowerPoint presentation, and finally, a product brief showcasing a new product that we believe will change the game of fly fishing forever.

Everything You Need: : Introducing Orvis MegaTÜL™

Introducing Orvis MegaTÜL™. A collaboration between Leatherman and Orvis, it’s the only tool you’ll ever need out on the water. Never again will you need to search for those nippers or make an awkward, backhanded reach for a dangling net to land your catch. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, 3D printing, and in-depth anatomical studies of how the human body moves in flowing water, each tool is easy to access, perfectly balanced, and effortless to use, to the degree that retrieving any individual tool becomes instinctual.

If there’s a tool you need on the water, then MegaTÜL™ has got it.
Click here for a larger version.

Whether you need the tiniest implement, such as a needle to clear the head cement out of a hook eye, or something as sturdy as a wading staff, you’ll find it in the same place. And the list of tools available—22 of them!—will blow your mind, including things you never even knew you needed for a day on the water:

  • Mirage Pliers
  • Mitten Clamp
  • Nippers
  • Stream Thermometer
  • Hook Sharpener
  • Release Tool
  • Scissors
  • Wide-mouth Guide Net
  • Wading Staff
  • Camp chair
  • Umbrella
  • Cup holder (beverage not included)
  • Foldable Solar Panel
  • Can opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Large flathead screwdriver
  • Small Phillips screwdriver
  • 3-inch standard-edge blade
  • Spork
  • Corkscrew
  • Reamer
  • Flask

Weighing in at just under 10 pounds (4.5 kg) and 28 inches long, MegaTÜL™ comes in its proprietary MegaSLING™, which offers easy access to everything you need, and you’ll barely even know it’s there. Utilizing Leatherman’s groundbreaking FREE Technology—a revolutionary magnetic architecture that reduces friction when opening and closing tools, which greatly reduces the wear and tear on parts—MegaTÜL™ is easy to operate, and the 420HC stainless-steel is weather and saltwater resistant.


Southeast Alaska guide Natlie Vaz of NatVenture Tours, one of our field testers, raved about the system. “When I head out to fish for steelhead on Chichagof Island, I simply strap my MegaTÜL™ on my back and my Glock 20 on my chest, and I’m ready for anything the wilderness can throw at me.”

Throw the rest of your tools away!

“It’s almost as if you think of the device you need, and there it is,” said Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides in Texas. “Whether I’m chasing bass on the Colorado or redfish down on the coast, I only need to carry one thing—my MegaTÜL™.”

But even though all the field testers offered definitive proof of concept, there was still one person who needed to sign off on the product: Orvis President Simon Perkins. An avid angler and former Montana guide, he thought he had seen it all, until the moment Will plunked MegaTÜL™ on Simon’s desk. As he marveled at the variety of tools available, Simon remarked that, despite its mass, MegaTÜL™ wasn’t heavy at all. After adjusting the MegaSLING™ to fit over his wading jacket and inserting the TÜL, Simon took his dogs out for a long walk. When he returned, he claimed that he didn’t even realize he was wearing MegaTÜL™ at all. That’s when we knew that we had a true winner.

So get ready to throw all your fishing tools in a drawer because you won’t need them anymore. MegaTÜL™ is here!

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78 thoughts on “Introducing the New MegaTÜL™, The Only Fly-Fishing Tool You’ll Ever Need!”

    1. We do have a larger model with built in AI. It is powered by the Solar panel so there is no batteries required. Some of the added features of the larger model includes cushions for the chair. A hand towel. A second cup holder. Sunglasses. a fly box and a few suprises.

    1. The premium model does include AI and is fully Bluetooth capable. The Ai is so advanced it will automatically update your cars extended warranty for you.

    1. Yes, it does come in multiple colors that may be unlocked as you earn trophies for example to unlock the gold color you must land 500 trout.

    1. It comes in Black, Blue, Red, Camo, Green Tartan, Puce, Silver, Arugala, Khaki, Gunmetal, Reverse Rainbow, purple and Gold.

        1. You may be interested in our Premium+++ model that has programmable colors and can be set in any color that is not based on Red, Blue, or Green. It does have a Lifetime Warranty as long as you pass the Are you a robot challenge. And solve the Captcha. the bad news is the Robot challenge is 50 questions but its the same question 50 times. The captcha will also claim you are wrong 3 times in a row before letting you pass no matter how you answer it.

    1. I would definitely advise purchasing this right now. We are running a special where one lucky purchaser will win one of our Orvis Huma-Rest human-sized dog beds.

    1. The Toothpick is included in the premium Model. And speaking oh hitting it out of the park the premium model includes a bat and ball for when you want to take a break from fishing.

  1. And to think, I dreamed of the ultimate multi-tool last night. Either Orvis is using AI to monitor my dreams or we’re on the same frequency. But I do agree with Bubba…it needs a Swiss Army knife toothpick. I guess you’re saving that for version 2.0. All the same, great job.

    1. We at Orvis do not condone the monitoring of dreams and would never spy on our customers in any way at all. besides your dreams contain way too many clowns and spiders that scare some of my co-workers. I hope you have a wonderful day and in case you didn’t hear it your coffee maker just finished.

    1. There is a discount for purchasing multiple units. Buying 3 or more will save you 10% per unit unless bought in multiples of 4 where you save 15%. Buying 5 will get you one free unless one of those colors is a primary color. making the purchase on a weekend will earn you an extra 5% off purchases in even amounts of items unless its raining that weekend. Buying 10 items earns you a discount of 25% off if ordered between the hours of 10am EST and 1pm EST Monday Through Friday but is not valid in any state whose name begins with a vowel. A purchase of 3 or more in one of the metallic colors will earn you a discount of $25 on your next order as long as that order is placed within 30 minutes of your last order. Any purchase of an odd amount of units will be valid for BOGO as long as you only order 2.

      Offer not valid in Californina, Virginia, New York, Florida, Montana, Alaska, Vermont, New Hampshire, Canada.

    1. No it does not know how to cook. You may be able to teach it to cook but we cannot guarantee it will ever be very good at it.

    1. The premium+ Model comes with a 4 stroke 7.5HP gas powered motor for $50 more we will make it a hemi. You may ride it but it will need to be tamed first. We do not include riding lessons and you must tame it yourself.

  2. Does this include a net-cam? I’m tired of fumbling for my phone when landing fish. It would be great if it had image enhancing too so the brookies look bigger.

    1. The Premium++ model includes as net-cam but the AI is really territorial and will battle your cellular device to the death. There is a warning in really small print in the contract you have to sign.

  3. Here’s a really clever idea that I bet no one has ever thought of! Make a miniature version that will fit in my pocket or a pouch on my belt. Better do it quick though or some competitor will see this and beat you to it with patent that will prevent you!

    1. You may be interested in our child-size version. It is smaller and designed to fit in a standard pocket but only comes in pastel pink and powder blue. both have images of rubber duckies and comes with a free sucker. (we choose the flavor)

  4. Thank you Orvis R&D. Always one step ahead of the industry. Does it float and can it be used as a drift boat? That would solve my dilemma of accessing some areas of the river to deep to traverse.

  5. I’m gonna need the drone version. I’m tired of my expensive tools falling in the river. When your R&D team develops a flying version shoot me an email please.

  6. I’ve been an ultra heavy backpacker for years and it makes me happy to see large bulky gear making a comeback. I can picture affixing this on an external frame backpack and giving me that heavy counterbalance I crave when hiking the backcountry, plus the confidence of knowing I can take on giant wildlife with a simple pinch. This says to me “I can carry heavy things,” in the most non ergonomic fashion possible and I’m so here for it. Thank you Orvis, job well done as always.

  7. Does it come with solar eclipse glasses and the ability to transport me to the best location to view the eclipse?

  8. . I’d get one for my dad because he’s a big Orvis fan. However he’d need a caravan to carry all of his equipment and he doesn’t do well with technology. (Orvis, you’re so silly! Happy April Fools!)

  9. Is there a model with a nail knot tool? My local Orvis store is out of stock. Hope it gets restocked soon.

  10. I want it in trans-pink with LGBTQ purple pokadots. Does it have a pill
    for you if you get triggered?

  11. Does it come with a fishfinder, and radar? if so, does the sonar include a side scan mode? And how small of objects will the radar detect?

  12. I’m wondering if you have thought of partnering with Peloton. I think some sort of exercise option is a must. I do expect a royalty for this, if I may say so myself, brilliant concept.

  13. Does the AI feature the ability to make my wife happy? You know, good listener and patient.

    Happy wife equals more Orvis Rods and Reels.

  14. Thanks to All,
    When life is tough and going through a Divorce .I didn’t see or want. These comments brought enjoyment and laughter to my day. I needed that.

  15. I expect more attention to detail from Orvis. The spork is labeled 18 on the photo. Who’s the editor? Sean Combs should really stick to designing fly rods. Sheesh!

  16. This tool looks like it has everything an angler needs while on the stream. One problem I see is that it’s a little large and will allow the Steelhead on the Catt to see your larger profile while approaching. Does it come in clear or camo to make it more stealth? If so you can send me two ASAP.


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