Introducing the New Orvis PRO Dog Waders!

Angler and Product Tester Zach Lazzari says that his dog Shale loved the waders, and he found them super-easy to use.
Photo by Jess McGlothlin

One of the myriad wonderful things about dogs is that you can share outdoor adventures with them, and many breeds love to spend time around and in water. A well-trained fishing dog is a joy to behold, but even a puppy discovering its first frog can make your day. There’s just one problem: wet, muddy dogs can wreak havoc on the inside of your vehicle or your home. Although Orvis already sells the best auto-seat covers and water-trapping mats on the market, we’ve been searching for an even better solution . . . and now it’s here.

Introducing the Orvis PRO Dog Waders, made for active dogs who love rivers, lakes, and streams—and for dog owners who hate having to deal with filthy backseats and soiled furniture. Dog owners can now let their best friends splash to their hearts’ content without worrying about how bad cleanup is going to be. We’ve combined the technology of our top-of-the-line fishing waders with our vast dog-product know-how to design waders that are safe, effective, durable, and easy to use. Whether your pooch is a diehard fishing companion or just a pup who loves to splash, you’ll find the Orvis PRO Dog Waders a life-changing addition to your everyday kit.

The ingenious Inflatable Flotation Ring keeps water from going over the top of the waders and provides stability in the water.

Born of Necessity

The new waders are the brainchild of Orvis product developer Natalie Cullum, who got her start by designing and making waders better suited for women’s bodies while she was still in college. Natalie recently adopted a sweet English Springer Spaniel named Lupine, who is a constant companion. But one day last fall, after a fishing session on the Battenkill, Natalie was amazed by the amount of water, mud, and grit Lupine had managed to leave in the back seat of her truck on the ride home. “There’s got to be a better way,” she thought, and it wasn’t long before she began sketching out the first prototype. The rest of the Product Development team—Jim Kershaw, Jesse Haller, and Shawn Combs—loved the idea and got to work immediately.

Anatomically designed Orvis PRO Wading Booties feature the same Michelin-rubber soles as the human versions.

The obstacles to creating waders that would work on dogs are fairly obvious: there are four legs, which means mean more seams; there must be accommodation for the tail; and then there’s the delicate issue of what came to be referred to around the office as the “pee pee-poo poo problem” (or “the 5 Ps”). Fresh off designing the award-winning Orvis PRO Wader for humans, the team was convinced that they could make the fabrics and seam technology work for dogs, and after several prototypes and a season of testing, they had proof of concept. Then it was time to add features that would make the product even more useful and effective.

Starting with the same durable, proprietary 4-layer Cordura® fabric upper and 5-layer Cordura fabric legs that give Orvis PRO Waders best-in-class abrasion and puncture resistance, the team focused on creating waders that would be easy to get on and off, allow a full range of motion for dog play, offer good traction on wet rocks, and be difficult to accidentally fill with water. Other folks from our Fly Fishing and Dog departments played roles in helping to solve design problems and suggest ways to make the waders perform even better.

The Orvis Fishing Vest Dog Collar is like a lanyard for your dog, and it features a zinger, a holder for floatant, and a sheath for your hemostat.

Going Pro

The Orvis PRO Dog Wader looks much like the human version, with several notable exceptions. The most obvious is an important safety feature: to keep water from going over the top of the waders and filling them, an inflatable ring has been sewn into the top seam to serve as a personal flotation device (PFD). When the dog wades too deep, they will feel the flotation kick in, whereupon they can simply paddle back to safety. The special booties on the wader feature the same Michelin-rubber soles as on the PRO Wading Boots, but they are specially shaped to aid in swimming. Adjustable elastic suspenders clip across the dog’s back and around the tail, for maximum support and comfort.

To address “the 5 Ps,” Natalie and the team devised an ingenious system, which should only be needed in an emergency. During testing, it became apparent that house-trained dogs are smart enough to not relieve themselves inside their waders, which is a good thing. However, the belly of the waders features a strip of fabric with waterproof zippers on either side. (The same TIZIP® Masterseal waterproof zippers found on our PRO Zipper Waders.) If the dog really has to go, you simply unzip the strip, pull it forward, and secure it to the dog’s chest via a Velcro strip. When the deed is done, simply zip things back up, and the dog is ready for action.

Click image for larger version.

Added Features

Like Orvis’s other PRO Waders, the Dog PROs come in 16 sizes—from the XS Petite, which will outfit a small Poodle (such as Glowbug below), to the XL Long, designed for a Great Dane—to accommodate a wide variety of dog breeds, shapes, and ages. (Unfortunately, we do not have sizes for the tiniest toy breeds, as the weight of the waders is simply too constricting for these diminutive pups.) Smaller models feature a handle that allows you to simply pick up the dog to carry them or to give you something to grab onto should the dog wade too deep and start floating downstream.

Crystal Creek Lodge guide and pilot Alex Oberholtzer loves being able to snap his dog, Glowbug, to his own PRO Waders.

One of the most ingenious features is the buckle system that allows you to integrate your wader-clad dog into your own wader system. You can attach your dog to your chest (smaller breeds only) or to your back for stream crossings or if your hands are simply too full of gear. And speaking of gear, Velcro strips along the waders’ back straps allow you to attach fly boxes, tools, or a net. Add the new Orvis Fishing Vest Dog Collar—which features a zinger, a holder for floatant, and a sheath for your hemostat—and you’ve turned your best friend into a walking gear caddy that will make your angling day even more convenient.

Click here for more details or to buy Orvis PRO Dog Waders.

104 thoughts on “Introducing the New Orvis PRO Dog Waders!”

    1. Is this ad for real? Or a joke?
      Having dogs in areas around lakes and streams can be detrimental to the integrity of the water. Many states do not permit dogs near fishing sites unless they are leashed.

      1. Doubt their impact would be one ten billionth ours but they should be controlled, better than humans is the part I have questions on.

      2. This has to be a joke…. if not, i am done with Orvis. Dogs are swimmers and have coats to deal with cold, my labs would chew thru these waders in a Nano second. Frankly, they love to swim and restricting them is like putting them in a straight jacket…. a complete joke and disappointed the Orvis bought in.

        1. Look at the license plate on the car, then look at todays date, now get your panties out of that bunch.

      3. I loved the detail taken into consideration. I just wished I had a Retriever so that I would not need to carry any gear and just call my dog over…….

      4. Jane,
        Think about what you wrote. Are you restricting deer, squirrels,bears, foxes, wolves, and all the other animals from the water?

      5. Jane,

        First of all, dogs are all over the fishing sites on lakes and streams during waterfowl and upland bird hunting seasons, and they don’t have to be on a leash. Also, there is nothing illegal about letting your hunting dog run and swim in “fishing sites.”

        Second, Orvis Pro dog waders are an April Fool’s Day joke.

    1. I can see it now casting your dog to the drop point for that perfect drift, one hand wave after another. Ah birds and trout with same best friend. I find this an extremely interesting concept. I have a setter with overactive I can do anything syndrome.

      1. I don’t know which is funnier, the article or the response from those who didn’t get it was an April fool’s joke. Thanks Orvis!

    1. I have been looking for this for AGES!!! My dog and I usually go out in the early morning where we have low light conditions. Is there a matching head lamp for my dog?

    2. Not about to touch that…..for obvious reasons having to do with bags and rocks among

      1. Haaaaaahahahah nice. Srsly tho anyone in NYC had their dog step into a half inch of snow then find out it’s an 8 inch puddle of slush and salt runoff??? Need these in the city

    1. My dog would prefer a small outboard motor, especially for those sticks or logs floating down stream!

  1. Brilliant jokes for April 1st but in reality something like this would be fantastic . It’s such a pain trying to wipe a wet muddy dog every day …..

  2. I often see cows coming down to the Missouri to get water. Can you make cow waders? With an udder zipper?

  3. Cant wait to use these on the water. Do they have a drop seat for easy potty breaks?
    How about an attachment so they can carry out their own poo bags?

  4. My Chihuahua named Blue is very excited about these! She says “Make it happen!” In barks of course.

  5. My dog absolutely loves his PRO Dog Waders. He finds the zipper pouches especially useful.

    I do have one question: can you make them in Tweed like the waders from a few years back?

  6. This is hands down the best corporate posting on 4/1 I have ever seen, even the license plate of the GMC van is on point.

  7. Sent on to others and half could not believe it and the others asked if I had gotten for my dog! Well done!

  8. This was fantastic! Whoever came up with for April Fools is a genius—with a great sense of humor.
    I only wish it were real—my greyhound would be first in line for a pair 🙂

  9. I have a camel that likes to accompany on trips to the river. Do you make these in xxxxxxxxl and if so also a dryer set up for camp?


  10. Someone or several people really put some time into this one. Thanks for the joke, it provided some welcome smiles for my family!

  11. Do you make these in tweed? My dog is an English Setter, emphasis on the English. He’s fastidious about his fabrics. No Houndstooth fabrics for him, quite ironically, being that he is a dog and all. So if you do have a Cheviot or maybe a nice Donegal, Harris of course being out of the question, in a size Large, that will do quite nicely.

  12. Any chance they will come in Wide (husky) sizes. My Labrador must have an extra room in the chest but he has short legs. Good news he floats like a duck… wait will these come in camouflage for hunting season that would be fantastic!

  13. I taken all my French bulldogs measurements, was wondering if a 33” chest and 4” inseam is a small or x- small?
    Maybe with a nice set of new waders – he’ll get in the stream!

  14. Jane,
    Think about what you wrote. Are you restricting deer, squirrels,bears, foxes, wolves, and all the other animals from the water?

  15. I am very impressed with the thought and time that went into this very funny prank. Well done!!
    Thank you.

  16. Hilarious!!! Love it! Wonder though if the waders would clash with our Barbour Coats?!!!!!!!

    We have a golden who just “wades” that floatation ring may help her finally make it to the other side of the river that she’s dying to get to!!! LOL!!

  17. Soooooo… I have been looking everywhere for the booties… lol! Like I’m on day 2 of my search before I read the comments and realized this was an April Fools day thing… <> Well played Orvis, well played!

  18. Very funny. Although it could work for that retired retriever, still wants to be out there but happy to let you go get it.

  19. What is the weight load of the “snap a dog feature”? I have a 70 pound golden who would love me to carry her. Does that feature have an emergency disconnect? She may need to get down quickly when a fellow hiker kicks a pine cone or tosses a stick the she MUST retrieve.

    I’m really sorry I missed this add on Thursday. I had just gotten my stimulus check and would have gotten a pair for my friend’s dog as well.

    By the way… great way to add to your email list.

  20. Great April Fool’s Day joke, ORVIS!
    Thanks to all who commented too! Great responses. Made my day!

  21. okay this is super funny….but like……..the collar tho… that’s pretty cool, it could be handy, ik this is a joke but the collar is cool

  22. okay this is super funny….but like……..the collar tho… that’s pretty cool, it could be handy, ik this is a joke but the collar is cool.

  23. This is perfect! Now I don’t even need to reel my catch in! I’ll just train Ol’ Bandit to fetch my catch.

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