Job Opening: Would You Like to Be a Fly-Fishing Product Developer?

One of the more popular product posts we’ve ever done was Evolution of the Mirage Fly Reel, which showed how the design evolved from the original concept to the final product. If that kind of thing fascinates you, there might be a career in it for you.

Orvis is looking for a Product Development Specialist to focus on fly reels and optics. Here’s the description of the position:

The Product Development Specialist will be responsible for the development, growth, and profit of key the Orvis fly fishing sub categories of Reels and Optics for retail, catalog, web, and wholesale at Orvis. Additionally this individual will be fully engaged in the Manufacturing process of reels both domestically and internationally. This individual will have an excellent background, knowledge and experience of the outdoor market with solid experience in freshwater and saltwater fly fishing.

This is a rare opportunity to join a remarkable group of hardcore anglers who are serious about developing the best products on the market.

Click here for the full description and information on how to apply.

9 thoughts on “Job Opening: Would You Like to Be a Fly-Fishing Product Developer?”

  1. is one of the biggest and most popular fly fishing websites in nj and ny. We already do videos with many orvis products. We would love this opportunity

  2. is one of the most popular fly fishing sites in nj and ny. We already do many videos with orvis products. We would love this opportunity

  3. I C&R in some of the hardest, meanness small rivers and streams in the highlands of Australia. Areas where you need to quite often abseil into fly fish with a 3wt or 4wt rod and then hike out. Any product in my hands would get tested to the limit.

  4. While I do not probably meet the requirements of the position, my request as a potential end user is that the product be made in the USA.

  5. NE Ohio is one of the greatest places to steelhead fish in the world and we would love to test products from the greatest producer of fly fishing essentials! tight lines everyone.

  6. Good morning ladies and gents,
    I have a dear friend who would be perfect for this job. He is an experienced fresh and salt water fly fisherman with almost 30 years of experience. He has an engineering background along with finance. More than that he has an unbelievable comprehensive knowledge of the sport and the tackle. From old reels to new reels he either has it or knows about them. This dear friend taught me how to fish the Beaverkill this year and I fell in love with fly fishing. He has an unfathomable passion for the sport and given his academic and experience would fit perfectly into this position. You might have to negotiate relocation, but that would be a small measure to pay to hire someone that could elevate the Orvis brand even higher than it already is.

  7. Is there a way to submit a new concept for a streamer? I caught very few trout on streamers in the past. Last winter I tied a few and began catching fish when the the streamers were fished on a dead drift like a nymph.

    The materials – duck flank, shimmer, and glimmer chenille I got from Orvis. The duck flank in wood duck, olive, or gold works well matching the prevalent minnows. The hooks too, sizes 10 and 12 #0167, are from Orvis. Unfortunately, my favorite hooks, the 11HP hooks were discontinued.

    If there is interest by Orvis, I look forward to hearing from you.

    By the way, my background is in engineering with a passion for new product development. I have relevant experience in casting, machining, assembly, plus injection and compression molding of thermoplastics and elastomers. I also have extensive experience in streamlining and accelerating the new product development process from conception through market introduction.

    One of my most notable development achievements was taking an imported $1 commodity accessory, redesigning it to meet the underlying customer need, which resulted in a $120 million dollar contribution margin hit to the bottom line before the patent expired. The entire tooling cost was $70,000.

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