Video Pro Tips: The Basic Cast

Written by: Pete Kutzer, Orvis Fly Fishing Schools

In our previous videos, we’ve talked a lot about specific casting techniques, some of which are quite advanced, but we’ve never gone over the basic cast. In this installment of our ongoing series, I run through the three keys to making good casts with a fly rod: smooth acceleration, stopping the rod, and keeping the rod tip tracking in a straight line.

Don’t worry too much about all the “rules” you’ve heard, such as “don’t use your wrist” and “stop the rod at 10 and 2.” Modern thinking is that, if you can accomplish the above three attributes of a good cast, how you go about achieving it is less important. Good luck!

One thought on “Video Pro Tips: The Basic Cast”

  1. After 11 years of fly fishing its still good to go back and check the fundamentals. Pete, on the sidearm cast I’m getting a hook. Any suggestions? Thanks, Eric

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