Ladies’ Bass & Bream Night

Ladies' Bass & Bream Night

On August 25th, the Orvis store in Richmond, VA hosted a Ladies’ Bass and Bream Night as an extension of their FF101/201 program. Twelve women met up at the store for a Q&A session with the Richmond staff before heading to a nearby lake. Here’s fishing manager Duber Winters’ recap of the event:

We left the store at about 5:00 PM and headed to the lake. I had been watching a line of storms threatening the Richmond area, and my hope was we would get to the lake, the storms would pass, and fishing would ensue. After arriving at the lake, we decided to go fishing before the storms arrived, which ended up being a good call because we only got about ten to fifteen minutes of fishing in before some really wicked storms arrived, and it ended up raining all evening. The good news is that the fish were quite accommodating for the brief time that the ladies had to fish. Six fish were caught during that time, and a few nice bass were in the mix.

Ladies' Bass & Bream Night


I was quite disappointed when the storms came and limited our fishing, but as a whole, the evening was a success. The ladies were not disappointed at all; rather they were quite impressed with the fish that were caught by their fellow students. My only true regret is that I was unable to get a group picture because when the storms came everyone quickly scrambled to their cars and eventually left. Students who did catch fish were VERY excited to say the least, and two ladies caught their first fish ever on fly!

Ladies' Bass & Bream Night

photos by Duber Winters

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