Launch Day for the NEW Orvis News!

Welcome to the completely redesigned Orvis News! Look up at the URL bar on your screen, and you’ll note that we are no longer, but we’ve still got all the great posts, videos, and photos from the past three years.

You’ll find us now at—so change your bookmarks accordingly—and we’ve added several great features that make it easier for you to find the content you’re looking for.

On the right end of the gray bar above, there’s a “Search” field, something the old site lacked. Want to find every post by Tom Rosenbauer, for instance? Just type “Rosenbauer” in the box and hit the “Search” button. You can also search for terms such as “streamer” or “bonefish” or anything else you can think of. For those of you who have not been with us since the beginning, this will be a great way to discover content that you may have missed.

In the right column of the page, below the Silver Sonic video, you’ll find links to our (now working!) archives. Want to see which pattern the folks at Tightline Productions featured in June 2012? Now you can easily find out.

Finally, if you look at the bottom of any post, you will find a list of terms in orange. These are called “tags.” Clicking on any one of these tags will immediately call up all other posts with the same tag. So, for instance, if you click the “fly-tying videos” tag in the post below this one, you’ll suddenly see all other fly tying videos. It will take us awhile to go back and tag the more than 3,000 posts we transferred from the old site, but we’re working on it.

Any time you migrate that much data from one site to another, you’re bound to run into some formatting issues. As you explore the archives and older posts, we ask that you excuse any weirdness you run into. All the great images, videos, and information will still be there, but there may be a few extra spaces or bad breaks in the text.

So feel free to poke around, kick the tires, and let us know what you think. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Launch Day for the NEW Orvis News!”

  1. I like how you guys brought the dogs link closer to the fly fishing link. I no longer need to strain my wrist to click my two favorite sections of this blog.

  2. Thanks for not segregating the women! Great looking design. I also use WordPress for my sites. Keep up the good work.

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