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  1. I have used the March Brown at various times during the year fishing in Northeastern California. For some reason it just seems to fit well with many of the hatches on Hat Creek, Fall river and the McCloud. I tie it in various sizes and always with a white post so my aging eyes can see it.

  2. It you want some company when you had over there, let me know! I spent my summers for 18 years an hour away from the Dordogne and it is a beautiful place with great food, wine and people. I usually fish a little river called the Cele with only a few trout when I’m over there but am planning a day or two on the Dordogne this year as well as a day mayfly fishing in the Eure only 90 minutes away from Paris and €25 for the day!

  3. Ah, another reason to visit France. Maybe while my wife & daughters take a day to tour the Louvre, I can pursue a few browns & grayling….

    Nice video!

  4. The Dordogne River and it’s fish in France — two more additions to my ever lengthening bucket list. Dreaming, needing, and wanting get mixed up with regard to the list of places I want to fly fish. Bet my husband wishes he’d never taught me how — now I fish more than he does! (Says he’s definitely not teaching me how to play golf!) Thanks for the video.

  5. If you’re holidaying in France, then check out this website (below) I found a couple of months ago – a helpful directory of stretches (parcours) for fly fishing sorted by “departement” (county/state). It also gives details of the species you can catch, where to get permits, flies they suggest etc. If you got to the “Coins de peche” page then there’s also a list of reservoirs for fly fishing though I suspect the best translation for that would be “stillwaters”.


    Daryl – you could even let the family drop you off at Giverny (Monet’s gardens) which are in the Eure (the mayfly zone I mentioned above).

  6. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for all your comment. Dordogne river is a jewel in France, with lots of grayling, and beautiful brownies (which can be finicky). This river is mystic, magnificent and wild. Most of time fishing can be very hard, and so you have to use very long tippet and small flies. It’s not easy but you will become hooked if you have chance to fish the beautiful scenery of Dordogne valley. In french, it is called “la Belle”…like a poem.

    If you come here one day, we will be glad to share with you some secrets places…

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