Master Class Monday (+1): How to Fish Shoals in Lakes

Successful fly fishing in lakes for trout is often a matter of finding the food supply. The food is typically in shallow water along the edges, and this video shows you how to find these edges and how to catch trout using a simple method that works almost anywhere. But there’s even more: the scenery in this video is absolutely spectacular, and Dave and Amelia Jensen show us a very interesting strike indicator technique to use with very long leaders. Even if you only fish rivers, I think you’ll find some great tips here.

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[Editor’s note: Tom was in meetings all day yesterday, so our Master Class Monday is a day late. I think you’ll find that the information is just a useful on Tuesday.]

2 thoughts on “Master Class Monday (+1): How to Fish Shoals in Lakes”

  1. I noticed the fly fisher was using a larger long handle net. I use a similar net when fishing steel-head and salmon. I’ve never figured out the best way to carry this net for easy access and minimum interference when fishing.. Any suggestions?
    Please email response directly to me


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