Master Class Monday: How to Cast Big Flies

One of the most common questions I get on the podcast is about casting big flies. People think they are doing something wrong when casting huge streamers because they can’t get the line to lay out perfectly. But big flies are just clunky, and you won’t always be able to deliver them with a gorgeous tight loop. Still, there are some tips and tricks that will help, and Pete Kutzer offers some solid tips in this short, exclusive Orvis video.

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2 thoughts on “Master Class Monday: How to Cast Big Flies”

  1. Very valuable lesson from Pete. One other thing to keep in mind – wait longer between forward and backcasts. The large flies work a bit like a parachute and slow down the line so it takes long for the loop to straighten.

  2. The “Belgian” cast looks a lot like grandma’s cast with a cane pole armed with bobber, weight and worm..

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