Master Class Monday: How to Fish a Dry/Dropper Setup

This week for “Master Class Monday”—our new feature about taking your fly fishing skills to the next level—we visit the topic of dry/dropper rigs with world class guides and fly fishers Dave and Amelia Jensen, of Jensen Fly Fishing. In this great video, they describe best ways of rigging up a dry/dropper setup, and then how to fish them. The main takeaway is that you want to be fishing both flies at all times. There’s lots of great action in this video, plus some some amazing photography.

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5 thoughts on “Master Class Monday: How to Fish a Dry/Dropper Setup”

  1. That was very useful information. Matching the dry and nymph seems obvious if the hatch is expected; my usual angling scenario is there is no hatch that I am aware of so i mix the dry and droppers between insect types to increase my chances.

  2. So, NZ is a great place to get great vid! I’m going to fish the Elk this fall, so me the money there!

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