Master Class Monday: How to Fish the “Terrestrial Drop”

This is a great time of year to fine-tune your fly-fishing terrestrial game. In this week’s Master Class Monday, Dave and Amelia Jensen share some tips on making a realistic, subtle presentation with ants, beetles, and hoppers. It’s one of the most exciting forms of dry-fly fishing for trout.

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4 thoughts on “Master Class Monday: How to Fish the “Terrestrial Drop””

  1. I have had some success with that technique over the years, but I find that the speed of the current along the bank plays a big role. If the current is fast, the fly tends to drag significantly on the water’s surface once it pulls out of the grass, ruining the drift. Any suggestions for avoiding that?

    And did you hear her let out that whoop! Brought a hug smile! I felt it all the way here in Pennsylvania…

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