Master Class Monday: Fly Selection for a Spinner Fall

In part Four of their 10-part series on how to fish a spinner fall, Dave and Amelia Jensen talk about fly selection. Importantly, they don’t discuss just spinner patterns because trout may be eating other patterns at the time, as well. They prefer tandem dry-fly rigs, with a mayfly or caddis imitation and a spinner patter. The top fly serves as an indicator, as well as a possible meal for a trout. They even show you how they prefer to pair patterns to make the most of each stage of a spinner fall. Stay tuned for seven more installments in this killer series, which will add up to a true Master Class on catching trout during spinner falls.

Previous episodes:

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3 thoughts on “Master Class Monday: Fly Selection for a Spinner Fall”

  1. Yours are the best instructional fly fishing videos I’ve seen. Succinct, thorough, understandable, and credible, because we get to see the successful application and results. Thanks.

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