Master Class Monday: How to Avoid Micro-Drag

Drag on a dry fly or nymph can be insidious, causing you to get more refusals, misses, and bad hook sets. Sometimes, this drag is barely visible to the fly fisher, either on a floating dry fly or on an indicator when nymph fishing. But it can be enough to cause a trout to refuse your fly. Learn how to recognize this tricky “micro-drag” and how to avoid it by changing your position or by making a different cast.

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2 thoughts on “Master Class Monday: How to Avoid Micro-Drag”

  1. The Jensens continue to play 11 dimensional chess while the rest of us struggle to draw a tic tac toe board!
    Their remarkable slow motion video analysis has pulled back the curtain on the mysteries of missed strikes and refusals. Its good to know that its not always our fault.

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