Master Class Monday: How to Cast During a Spinner Fall

In the fifth installment of their 10-part series on how to fish a spinner fall, Dave and Amelia Jensen discuss casting techniques specific to presenting spinner patterns. Accuracy is key, so controlling your rod tip is important. Dave is also a big proponent of long leaders, which can be tough to cast quickly and accurately when the fish are close. Here, he demonstrates his technique for getting the fly off the water, making a single backcast, and then creating line speed for the presentation.

He also makes a point that I’ve never seen before: how your posture changes when you can’t see the fly and how that affects your casting motion. But, wait: there’s still much more to learn in this video. You might want to watch it a couple times.

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One thought on “Master Class Monday: How to Cast During a Spinner Fall”

  1. In perfect conditions when you need to do 10 foot casts (dont really need a rod to do that;) your instructions make sense. In natural conditions, to crouch, reduce or enhance line speed might all be a good approach. The important thing is to -feel- the line, if you feel it – you have control over it and can present it. My two cents =)

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