Master Class Monday: How to Catch Difficult Trout

Ever have a day when you know trout are in a river but you can’t interest them? Watch as Dave Jensen cycles through a number of options to try to figure out what kind of presentation will interest a trout that is not actively feeding. Of course, this depends on your ability to either read the water or be able to spot a trout in the water (and it helps to have a fish spotter like Amelia Jensen gauging a trout’s interest). But the thought process that goes into Dave’s choice of presentations is a real education.

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2 thoughts on “Master Class Monday: How to Catch Difficult Trout”

  1. Thank you Orvis! So glad that you are now working with Dave & Amelia, they are superstars of modern flyfishing. By adding them with Pet & Tom you guy’s have an exstreamly well rounded presentation team that are covering a vast range it technics and skills that beginner and advanced anglers need to be aware of and practising. I’m currently working part time in flyfishing retail and often advise beginners and more accomplished anglers to head to the Orvis Utube Chanel to learn and refine skills and knowledge to get the most enjoyment out of this wonderful sport. Thank you for making this resource available to us.

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